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- Liam deals with post traumatic stress disorder after he almost chokes Adrianna.

- Naomi finds her and Annie's half brother.

- Naomi and Annie host a band and food truck contest at CU.

- Silver becomes too obsessed with her surrogate.

- Navid finds his morals compromised in his new society.

- Dixon looks for a new artist and finds out McKayla has talent.

- Adrianna decides to take a break from singing.

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90210 Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

I need something to wear in court that doesn't say sex criminal.


I don't care what Naomi needs in her life because I need you.


90210 Season 5 Episode 14 Music

  Song Artist
Ride 1 Ride Kiss the Girl iTunes
Scarlett drive get out of my way Get Out Of My Way Scarlett Drive iTunes
Song High School Go West Young Man