Diana and Matthew Meet - A Discovery of Witches
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Oxford, England
Autumnal Equinox

Matthew Clairmont ruminates on the end of the creatures of which he is one.

Diana Bishop prepares to go to the library to continue her work. She recalls her parents for a moment.

Of course, Diana rides a bicycle to get around, just as she wears a simple, messy braid that, on her, looks ridiculously lovely.

Diana is a witch, but one who isn't comfortable with her papers and who may not have a handle on them.

The good doctor is teaching a class about alchemy and other things related to historical alchemy and 17th Century thought.

Jillian Chamberlin, an old friend, is at Diana's presentation.

Just after Diana is offered a faculty position, Jillian laments that there are no faculty positions for classical historians. She invites Diana to a magical night, but Diana isn't comfortable with her magic after what happened to her parents.

Matthew is at the church saying the rosary.

At the library, Diana asks for a series of books, on which has not appeared in a very long time. For her, though, it is found. ASHML 782. It's in the wrong location, but found nonetheless.

Diana notices a book is full of dust as if it's never been touched. She opens it to a strange sensation and a breeze flutters her hair. Matthew senses something. 

Diana begins to flip through the book and take notes when the lights flicker and go out. On the pages of the book, Diana notices writing invisible to the naked eye.

Matthew's sister calls him. Is it happening to him, too? Their blood is reacting to something.

As Diana looks at the book, words dance across the screen and right off the page to her hands. Her friend, Jillian, is also affected.

As the words dance, Diana gets a little freaked out, slamming her hand onto the book's open page. It burns her hand with a brand, and the lights go on again. She leaves the library in a rush just as Matthew reaches the location.

On her way out of the library, Diana runs into a man who appears to be her dad. She cannot believe it. Jillian wonders if Diana has seen anything unusual.

Marcus Whitmore is trying to talk his friend into a long night out with him. His friend is a doctor and needs his sleep. His friend also wonders why Marcus never looks tired. 

When his friend is suddenly hit by a car, Marcus runs to his aid. If he's not dead, he's about as close to it as possible. He's a bloody mess. Marcus, though, wants to save his friend. Piercing into his throat with his teeth, he sucks James' blood and then feeds it back to him through his wrist. James drinks thirstily but dies nonetheless.

Matthew is talking with Miriam Shephard about ASHML manuscript.

Diana's dreams are wracked with symbolism and her father. When she wakes up, she calls Sarah Bishop. Sarah wonders if it was bewitched. Diana assures her there wasn't any witchcraft involved. Sarah is pissed that Diana didn't do as they've always told her -- if you find something bewitched, then you MUST try to understand it.

Marcus is at the police station defending himself and why it took him so long to call the police. Matthew is there to pick him up, but words are not rich between them.

Matthew is pissed that James went to such great lengths to save his friend, and even more that he didn't get James' consent. Marcus wonders why turning James didn't work. And that's how Marcus becomes Miriam's next test subject.

Marcus is crushed at his failure with James and what it meant for his last moments. Matthew apologizes for not sharing what they knew earlier, but they know so little that it seemed fruitless. What he does know is that witches cannot be allowed to have ASHML 782.

When Diana next looks for a book, she almost slips to her death, but Matthew is there to catch her fall... if she had let it happen.

He notices the burn on her hand. She recognizes he's a vampire. He gives her his card. He talks about her papers and their fascinating properties. Their interactions immediately create sparks. He didn't think witches were allowed to show their magic in public, but she assures him she's perfectly in control of her magic.

The reality is she's freaked out.

Jillian is drinking wine with worry. She decides to meet with another witch about the disturbance they all felt. She might know something about it.

Matthew is always lurking. Diana is searching for him on Wikipedia when he walks into the cafe and behind her. Their discussion about the manuscript and her safety is unpleasant.

Diana calls on Sean to get a drink with her. He digs into her past and what else appeals to her other than the manuscripts.

Her parents were murdered while on a research trip on the Ukraine border. The residents thought they were witches. Sean doesn't appear to believe in witches.

An older fellow arrives at the mouth of the forest with a man preceding him for safety. They happen upon a cabin by a lake. The man cocks his shotgun while the older man lingers behind feeling the bark on a tree. The cabin is empty, but a witch is soon upon them. She burns the man alive, sends him asunder, walks through a ring of fire and approaches the older man. 

He says he found that guy in the pub, a guy with prejudice on witches. His name is Owen and he's sharing with Satu that she's proven her worth; he will take her to the council to be sworn in.

Diana finds Matthew at the table at the Bodleian she frequents. After some barbs, he says he thought she might want some company, after all, there are a lot of witches in attendance. He warned her others would take an interest. She leaves.

Jillian catches up with Diana outside and wonders if Matthew was a vampire. Jillian feigns worry over her to get information.

Matthew continues his surveillance of Diana right up to a coffee cart. She feels his presence. She's running in the park and feels his eyes on her again. When she pulls out a skull boat, he's right there again.

While she's skulking, Matthew is at her place doing a bit of investigation.

Owen and Satu meet with Jillian about the book. They're highly interested. He's been looking for it for a very long time, too. When Jillian hesitates over Diana's name, Satu threatens her like a two-bit thug. At hearing the name, Owen gives an evil smirk.

Diana returns the boat only to find Matthew lurking behind her. Again. There are more terse words about her, her magic, and the Book of Life before he walks outside to find her jacket in front of him. After sniffing it deeply, he tells her to walk past him slowly. No sudden moves. GO! But don't run.

She stops and turns around, a look of desire on her face.

A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm still not comfortable around magic, especially after what happened to my parents. I still find it... I just find it difficult.


Once the world was full of wonders, but it belongs to humans now. We, creatures, have all but disappeared. Demons, vampires, and witches hiding in plain sight, fearful of discovery, ill at ease even with each other. But, as my father used to say, in every ending, there is a new beginning.