Fighting the Pull - A Discovery of Witches
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A chick who knew a guy named Matthew picks up Mattieu. She's either a vampire or she just bit some dude in the neck. He runs off but has to circle back when he can't get through. She's there again, tears open his shirt to his beating heart and bites.

Matthew arrives home to go hunting. Hamish is there to lend a hand. Matthew is running from his cravings.

Diana wakes up to a terrible nightmare. 

Matthew hunts. It's kind of sad how he corners a buck and then gets it to be subservient before chowing down on him.

Diana meets Peter Knox who knew her parents. He shares with her that he looked for ASHML 782 but was told it had been lost forever. 

When Peter doesn't get what he wants from Diana, he realizes he'll have to use stronger tactics to get through to her.

The female vampire is Juliette. Someone goes to see her father who is apparently someone to be revered. 

Jillian tries to get Diana to understand she should help Peter. Diana doesn't want to, and she can't with all the creatures continually in the library.

Diana wonders if Jillian knows any vampires. She doesn't get the impression that vampires are as prejudiced against witches as witches are against them.

Matthew is sharing with Hamish that what he's doing could put Diana in danger.

Marcus gets bad news about his blood results.

Satu stops Diana and touches her hand. Her eyes roll back in her head and she speaks in tongues. 

Diana learns that her mother stopped being in touch with Peter when he turned to dark magic.

Gerbert D’Aurillac locks up Juliette when he gets the truth about Mattieu by sucking her blood. She says he taught her to crave Matthew.

While playing chess, Matthew realizes others will be after the book. Hamish warns Matthew about what could happen to Diana. He's had issues with other warm-blooded girls in the past, and Hamish doesn't want Matthew to do something to her for which he cannot forgive himself.

Diana attends a dinner and finds Peter there.

Peter meets with Gillian with the hope she'll get Diana to do what he wants.

Diana, meanwhile, is crying. She finally realizes that Matthew wasn't kidding about the significance of ASHML 782.

Diana goes to visit Matthew. He's turned on by the admission that she doesn't want Peter to have the book if it means he could uncreate vampires.

Matthew shares with Diana a letter he had from Charles Darwin. He takes Diana to their lab and introduces her to Miriam and Marcus.

While Matthew shows Diana some of his research and wonders if witches continual denial of powers might be why they could become extinct.

Gillian meets Satu. Satu has news for Peter. She tried to look inside Diana. Diana interests her.

Diana begins to share with Matthew what she saw of ASHML 782. In response, he kisses her wrist and doesn't kill her.


A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Matthew: I came up her to get away from a witch.
Hamish: When you say "get away," you mean...
Mathew: I'm craving her.

Matthew: I see you've redecorated.
Hamish: I thought the place needed brightening up.
Matthew: It looks like a wedding cake.