So, the de Clermonts have bowed to The Congregation's demand. You have brought us the witch.


Our power is the lifeblood of all witches' magic, an incredible gift that we had in common. We could have been the greatest allies, you and I, but instead, you chose to use your power to destroy. I bind you, Satu Jarvinen, delivering you into the hands of the goddess without power or craft.


If a vampire with the blood rage gene sires a human being with enough demon DNA, blood rage manifests itself.


Miriam: When Diana told us that The Book of Life says we're all linked, Chris and I went back and compared Diana's DNA to other creatures' DNA. That's when Matthew made the connection.
Matthew: It unlocked a new perspective. There it is, in the creature chromosome, hiding in plain sight.
Diana: What is?
Matthew: You have demon DNA, and so do I.
Baldwin: You have demon blood?
Matthew: Many of us do to varying degrees depending upon whether a demon ancestor was 20 generations ago or more recently.
Miriam: It also happens to be the key to blood rage.

Vampires, demons, witches, and humans are all related, all branches on the same tree. Our family history is written in the book. Our genetic profiles tell the same story, that each member of The Congregation here is related to one another.


You see, by forcing us to live separately, The Covenant was slowly destroying us.


Gerbert: You are too great a vampire to suffer their fate. Give up the children now, and I guarantee The Congregation will show you leniency. Your life should not come to nothing.
Ysabeau: Go back to Venice, Gerbert. You have no dominion here.
Gerbert: I gave you every chance.

Pious vampire. What will it take to drive your faith out? God cannot save you, Matthew. No one can.


Satu: Do you remember when I tried to open you up at Le Pierre?

Diana: I still have the scars.
Satu: I'm stronger now. Give up your secrets. Give me the book.
Diana [glowing]: I am the book.

It's the story of us. Here lies the lineage of an ancient tribe known as the Bright Born. Their power, boundless as the night. Their love began with absence and desire, two hearts becoming one. When fear overcame them.


Marcus: We just have to be sure that you know what's coming.
Phoebe: I do.

Gerbert: What I will enjoy is bringing an end to the de Clermonts and their cloistering sense of superiority. Philippe has been dead for decades, and yet his diseased-riddled family still wears him like a shield against their hypocricy. Baldwin has capitulated, the family's authority is compromised, so forgive my jubilent mood, but it has taken centuries to position my pieces on the board.
Domenico: Centuries?
Gerbert: Ever since I met Benjamin Fuchs. Philippe thought Matthew killed him, but it actually weaponized him. Imagine the sheer poetry of Benjamin being the last thing Philippe saw before he lost his mind. Never let it be said I didn't capitalize on opportunities as they represented themselves. You've played your part well, Domenico. I couldn't have done it without you.

A Discovery of Witches Quotes

Gerbert: What is it? What can you see? Is Diana the witch from the prophecy?
Luisa: Beware the witch with the blood of the lion and the wolf for with it she shall destroy the children of the night.
Gerbert: I know that; I know. Speak to me or you will get no more of this.
Luisa: Two. Light. Dark.
Gerbert: There are two witches?
Luisa: One close.
Gerbert: Who is she, and where can I find her?

I'm still not comfortable around magic, especially after what happened to my parents. I still find it... I just find it difficult.