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It's Theo's tenth birthday and Eddie and Katherine and preparing for his party.

Delilah tells gina and Rome about what Katherine said looking for reassurance. Rome is supposed to babysit Charlie, but he gets called into work, so Gina had her.

Gina goes to drop some things off at Katherine's and helps her bake cakes. Gina talks to her about telling the kids the truth and Katherine recalls when Eddie missed Theo's birth. She talks about how she doesn't want to lie because jg leads to bad things like drinking. She also gives Charlie a dress.

Gina understands Katherine's position and when Delilah shows up at the party, she says as much to Delilah who gets defensive.

Delilah told Eddie that he needs to talk to Katherine but he says he agrees with Katherine. Delilah thinks she's being ganged up on.

PJ bumps into Delilah and Rome and Gina's and then later Sophie invites him to the party. Rome warns him that Sophie has a crush on him and that he needs to give them space until they get the results. Sophie and PJ go for a drive, but she tried to kiss him, and when he declined she gets flustered and gets into a fender bender.

When Delilah hears about it she puts her talk with the Savilles on hold. And when she returns she refuses to tell her kids. She and Katherine have a big blow up Eddie tries to diffuse it. But Delilah lashes out.

Gary finds the woman lost colin. She is a widow and lost hst husband and the dog around the same time. Gary still debated giving her the dog but when colinneanders off and responded to Wesley he made his decision.

He gives the dog back, but Maggie reveals Gary gave the woman the dog from the pound and he kept Colin.

The DNA test reveals PJ is Jon's son.

A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

I feel like we've met. You just look so familiar.

Delilah [to PJ]

Gary: Two things. This is not your fault, and you are blocking the entire crosswalk. This is not my usual height joke, but you can see above the dashboard, right?
Maggie: Sorta.

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