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Maggie and Gary are walking Colin when Gary heads inside. Maggie gets a call from Eric and Maggie unleashes Colin outside while on the phone. Colin disappears. 

Gary doesn't get upset at Maggie until she tells him about the phone call. He later lashes out at her about not being honest with him about her outings and relationship with Eric. He calls her pathetic for doing what her mother did, too. 

Everyone (but Delilah) drops everything to help Gary find Colin. 

Eddie was babysitting Charlie, but when he tells Katherine about it, she volunteers to watch Charlie while he goes to help them look. 

She bonds with Charlie. She even takes her for a walk to the park. When a woman comments on the baby, she tell sthe woman the truth, and the woman walks away. Katherine tells Charlie that they should never let anyone judge them for what happened because it isn't her fault. 

PJ is with Rome and joins the search. Rome advises him not to pry and ask questions. Sophie shows up too, and she and PJ are bondingto Rome's chagrin. 

Sophie tells PJ about Jon and shares a sweet ritual they had that she later on includes PJ in. 

THey get a call from the shelter, and they think they've found Colin, but it's a different dog. While there, Eddie notices a flyer from the family who may have originally had Colin. Eddie doesn't share it with Gary. 

He tells Maggie about it, and she tells him not to say anything, but she later tells him anyway and Gary is upset. 

PJ finds Colin in the basement digging in the trash. Everyone is happy. 

Delilah does a podcast about grief and dealing with loved ones who have committed suicide. Andrew went with her. She breaks down afterward because of the mentions of Charlie being Jon's. She tells Andrew the truth. 

He tells her he also lied about his wife being dead. She's in a coma, but he can't let go of her because of hope she'll come back. 

Delilah returns home and thanks Katherine for watching Charlie. She gives Katherine the gift Jon left for her, and Katherine explains the signifcance of the scotch set. She used to visit Jon's office and have a drink after work while Eddie was getting sober because she didn't want to drink in the house with him. 

Katherine tells Delilah that all the lying caused a lot of harm for Jon and it felt good telling someone the truth. She said they should tell the kids the truth and Delilah is upset about that. 

Eric tells Maggie that maybe they should stop being friend because he feels like he caused more damage than good.

A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Rome: I know you really want to do this, but Maggie knows you from therapy, and with Gary being all upset about Colin, what no one needs right now is you asking a bunch of questions. So if we are going to do this--Gina: C'MON GUYS!
Rome: Which apparently we are, then I'm going to need you to promise me that you are going to keep your mouth shut.
PJ: I'm an awkward teenager battling depression. Keeping my mouth shut is kinda my thing.

Delilah: You sure Katherine is OK with you watching Charlie?
Eddie: Totally. She's been so supportive. Somehow, someway, we're getting there. And how's Andrew and his incredible quaff. 
Delilah: His quaff is great.