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Katherine accompanies Eddie and Theo when they go to Delilah's house to bring Charlie a present. 

Delilah is on her way to work, and she's leaving Rome to babysit. Eddie is surprised that she didn't call him to watch his daughter. Rome awkwardly offers to share the responsibility. 

Katherine tells Eddie it's okay to stay with the baby. She looks on and watches for a while, but it gets hard, so she goes to leave. 

Delilah follows her and claims she knows how hard it is for her and Katherine tells her she doesn't and walks out. 

At work, Katherine updates her friend and assistant Carter on everthing that happened.He tells her she either makes things work with Eddie or not, but she has to do more than try. 

Gina is upset that there are no customers. She knows if the restaurant fails it will be all on her. Delilah is upset that Gina acts like she's the only one who owns the restaurant. 

The power goes out because of a storm. Regina is angry again, but when a customer comes in and wants shelter from the storm, she makes food and tells him to invite his friends for a free meal so the food doesn't go to waste. The restaurant feels up and it's family-style. She remembers how important that was when she used to work in a restaurant as a teen. 

Breakfast with Maggie and Patirica and Eric is awkward. Patricia wants to hold off on telling Maggie about Eric when she sees Maggie is upset, but Maggie wants to get to the point. 

Patricia tells Maggie that Chad didn't did immediately. He made it to the hospital. She signed off to donate his organs and he died as soon as she got to him. 

Eric has Chad's heart. Maggie gets upset and leaves. She walks through the storm until Eric finds her and  they go to a bar to talk. He lost his fiancee too. THey bond. 

Patricia decides to leave, and Eric gets a text about it since Maggie left her phone. THey go to the airport. Maggie decides to talk to her mother, but Patricia shares more things she was keeping form Maggie, and Maggie accuses Patricia of only ever caring about Chad. 

Eric finds Maggie and they hug in comfort and Gary sees it. 

Eddie is upset that he can't be a father to Charlie. He's frustrated. Charlie is congested so he and Rome get into a steam shower with her to help. Sophie catches them and takes a picture. 

Later they all head to the restaurant. Katherine comes in too and everyone goes out of their way to be nice  but it's too much. Katherine tells them they make it worse when they do that. 

Gary lightens the mood with jokes and talks about how terrible they treat outsiders. Katherine thanks him one on one. The hug. He reassures her that unlike his mother, when Katherine left Theo, she came back and that she shouldn't feel guilty. 

Katherine gives Deillah the final papers to sign to  save their house. Katherine knows that they're gong to be part of each other's lives now so it is what it is. 

Eric texts Maggie that he's there for her if she ever needs to talk. Gary sees it. 

A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Patricia: Honey, um, Eric ... honey, there is something you need to know about the night Chad died.
Maggie: What does that have to do with him?
Patricia: Everything. Eric has your brother's heart.

Eddie: Oh, hey man, I didn't know you were going to be here.
Rome: Yeah, D asked me to babysit.
Eddie: Oh.
Rome: Yeah, yeah, you know what?  You should join. I could use the help. That's if you're not busy. You guys are probably busy. I didn't say nothing. Forget what I said. What I say? Nothing.