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  • Everyone is gearing up to attend a protest. 
  • Eddie wants to go with Katherine to present a reunited front with Theo regardless of what's happening with them. 
  • Maggie is doing therapy sessions on the air in five minutes. 
  • Walter isn't going to the protest because he thinks that it won't make a difference. It never does.
  • Gary calls to see if anything else is needed for the protest and jokes around. Rome lays into him for his ill-timed comedy to lighten the mood. 
  • Rome and Walter aren't going to the protest, but Rome gives Tyrell a talk about what to expect and how to be careful out there. 
  • Maggie listens to a caller, Tiffany, who has anxiety after FLoyd and Taylor. She tries to give her the name of a therapist, but Maggie is cut off because of Dr. Stacy's rules. 
  • Alan shows up after Tyrell invited him, and it's awkward for a minute, but Eddie is committed to making it work.
  • Gina and Florence talk. Gina expresses guilt that she never got as politically involved like this and the feelings she had as a biracial woman raised by her white side of the family more. Florence reminds her that all of this is hers too.
  • Theo gets lost at the protest. SOmeoe finds him and brings him back, but they mistake Alan as Theo's dad.
  • Walter goes to the protest to support Rome. 
  • Maggie quits her radio job
  • Gina gets hurt at the protest.
  • Darcy asks Gary about his name. He explains how he is really Javier, but he changed his name after teasing because of his father working as a custodian. His father never blamed him for it and realized why he did it. Darcy tells him that Rome was probably upset because Gary got to choose.
  • Gary talks to Rome and tells him he has some things to work through. 
  • Eddie opens up to Katherine about how guilty he felt not realizing that his son was expeiencing racism over the mask situation. 
  • Gina is well. 
  • Claudia gives Maggie information about the woman who called, Tiffany, and also sponsor information to start her own podcast.
A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Rome: You understand that this isn't my protest right?
Gary: Uh, yeah. Yeah, that's why we're going.
Rome: Well, please tell me you get that this is work that we all need to do, so you need to do more than hitting up your Black friend so you can be their plus one, Gary.
Gary: Uh, yeah. I'm just trying to help.
Rome: And the last time you tried to help, I ended up in the back of a police car.

Tyrell: Well, I think the people in charge need to see that our lives matter from as many people as possible. I read an article about George Floyd's daughter. Her mom is trying to figure out how to tell her how he died. I mean, how do you explain that to a seven-year-old?
Rome: Six. His daughter is six.