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  • Peter is going home and has recovered well from his injuries.
  • Gary shows up to visit Peter. Peter threatens and blackmails Gary telling him to get Sophie to take down the podcast in exchange for his silence, but Gary tells him to do whatever he needs to do since he has nothing left to lose.
  • Walter invites Rome to his church to show his film.
  • Danny and Sophie update with each other. He wants Sophie to deliver a gift to Milo on his behalf.
  • Gary updates Christopher.
  • Katherine's mother is trying to set Katherine up with someone.
  • Darcy calls Katherine to tell her about Gary and them breaking up. She tells Darcy that he couldn't leave his friends.
  • Nick warns Maggie about Jane possibly costing her the program.
  • More people than Rome needs show up at the church to see his film and he worries about getting sued but shows  it anyway.
  • Katherine and Shanice are meeting up for lunch.
  • Jane tells Maggie that people aren't connecting with her on a personal basis and that it'll be her last show. She slips up that Nick told her about Jane only caring about numbers.
  • Gary tells Eddie what happened with Peter. He advises Gary to tell Sophie the truth to get ahead of it.
  • Shanice stops by to check in on Regina at the restaurant and guarantee he treats REgina and the others better.
  • Shanice and Katherine hang out and she tells Katherine that she's leaving town for a bit. Judy, Katherine's mother interrupts them.
  • Gary goes to talk to Sophie about Peter. Christopher talks to his wife, Georgia.
  • Sophie goes off on Gary and tells him that he only ever makes her life harder and has a hero complex.
  • Jane tells Maggie she's coming back and connects with her over her own experience as a cancer survivor.
  • Shanice asks Katherine about her feelings and they talk about how complicated things are for both of them. Shanice kisses Katherine and leaves.
  • Shanice offers Gina a job to cater on her set in Miami for a couple of months. Shse tells Rome who encourages her to do it.
  • Rome tell her he wants to continue showing his film to others.
  • Maggie meets with and flirts with a Bruins hockey player who asks her out.
  • Sophie shows up to talk to Maggie.
  • Eddie rents a house for six months for Nicole and her son and has it in his name it's his apartment. He plans to keep staying with Gary or now.
  • Sophie told Maggie to take the podcast down. Gary is upset about it.He goes to talk about her, but she tells him that she doesn't want anything to do wit him anymore.
  • Peter's wife leaves him when she realizes that he's been lying to her.
A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Shanice: They got five church fans for their peach cobbler.
Katherine: Church fans? Is that like stars? I haven't seen that on Yelp.
Shanice: It's Black Yelp, honey.

Jane: How long have you been in remission?
Maggie: Uh, 18 months.
Jane: Four years, last March.