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  • Eddie is doing uber driving and gets recognized by fans who pity  him
  • Rome is annoyed that he's barely seen Gina over the past six months when they're interrupted sexting
  • Maggie is dating Camden, but is still getting used to his fans
  • Gina is meeting up with her father.
  • No one has been in contact with Sophie so Delilah wants Eddie to go there to check on her.
  • Gary runs into Darcy and sees that she's pregnant. She got pregnant by Liam's dad after they spent a lot of time together. Gary tells her he's happy for her.
  • Eddie goes to check on Sophie and she's hungover after a party and the house is a mess.
  • Maggie is upset that she's been seeing Cam for two months, but they don't go out because he's so popular. Jane tells Maggie that Cam may be dating other people.
  • Maggie gets fan mail from someone one of whom asks her to go to Hawaii with him.
  • Gary tracks down Benny who has his first car when he sees it out and about.
  • Eddie helps Sophie clean up the house in time for the realtor to see it.
  • Gina has lunch with her father but feels inadequate in his presence. He hasn't shown interest in her and showed more in the server. She tells him, and he invites himself to the set to see her at work.
  • Rome has coffee with Cassandra who is impressed with the film. Their coffee date is interrupted by a process server giving him notice that Paragon Plus is suing him.
  • Gary bonds with Benny and reminisces about the good times he had in that car.
  • Maggie talks to Cam about the real reason he doesn't want to take her out.
  • Sophie goes off about not trusting the adults in her life and  how she's disappointed them and they have her. Eddie gives her some advice because he doesn't want her to make the same mistake she has.
  • Sophie gets emotional watching new people check out her house.
  • Gina's father doesn't show up at the set.Valerie feels uncomfortable when she can tell the director assumed she stole something that went missing briefly when the actor misplaced it.
  • Valerie gets upset when Gina tells her that she told other people she was in prison.
  • Maggie finds out that she has a stalker.
A Million Little Things
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