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Andrew and Zelda are now in a committed relationship. After an evening out with Stephie, Andrew and Zelda both look each other up on the internet and find startling things about the other. Andrew had been arrested and Zelda had a green card marriage.

Andrew can not leave Zelda's marriage alone and follows him to a restaurant, where he finds out that Zelda is meeting him. When he goes to confront her, he realizes that they are meeting her ex-husband's fiancee. Andrew tries to hide and the cops begin to arrest him, until Zelda stops them. Andrew and Zelda apologize to each other for lying and they continue, blissfully, into their new relationship.

In other places, Lydia overhears Stu and Andrew talking about her and their job. To get more information about what other employees say, she uses Dinesh and Lora, the computer programmers, to allow her to hack the computer cameras and emails. Lydia eventually discovers that her nickname in the office is "Big Bird," but after Howard, the HR rep, tells her of the positives of the nickname, Lydia embraces it.

When Stu lied to Stephie about who he was, they could never be in the same room together, so Andrew and Zelda try their best to separate their meetings. In order to make things work, Andrew wants Stu to apologize to Stephie. Stu tricks Stephie to meet him after using another false profile and tries to help her meet another man. Stephie buries the hatchet with Stu because they are trying to help Andrew and Zelda last. 

Even though they are not the best of friends, Stu and Stephie eventually meet up with Andrew and Zelda so they can all hang out together.


A to Z
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A to Z Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Zelda: You went to a Raiders game, with a case of Zima in the trunk of your white Jetta?
Andrew: I'm a little unclear of what your issue is right now.

Do you think that couple has always not talked? Or have they just been together long enough they've run out of things to say to each other? Which makes less sense to me because I'm sure that if we're together in 30 years, I'll still be gabbing on, as evidenced by this rambling monologue, which I will now wrap up.