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After Andrew and Zelda's big kiss, they spend the whole night together. At work, they tell their friends, Stu and Stephie, about the date and the events from the night before. Zelda gets Andrew a gift, a name plate with 'Andy' on it, as a token of the night before. 

As happy as Andrew is about Zelda, he remembers that he had made a date with a co-worker before he met Zelda. Stu persuades him to keep the date, however, Andrew wants Zelda to know about it. When he tells her, Zelda makes Andrew jealous by saying she has a date. She then goes on a date with an annoying co-worker.

At Andrew's office, his boss, Lydia, uses the employees to test out the dating app. Howard, the HR rep, doesn't like the idea, but they still test it out. Howard shows the many issues of having the employees use the app, but Lydia believes it will ultimately be successful with the public.

On his date, Andrew tries to pay attention to what she is saying, while also using a GPS app to find Zelda. Stu spis on Zelda's date for Andrew, while Stephie follows Andrew's date online for Zelda. When Andrew discovers that Zelda's date ended early, he goes to her apartment, but is greeted by her date, sans a shirt, and believes the worst. Zelda notices and is disappointed.

The next day, Andrew and Zelda plan on meeting, but are warned to not talk about their dates. They try small talk going, then finally tell each other about their miserable dates. Andrew tells Zelda how much he likes her and doesn't know how to react.

Stephie talks sense into Zelda when Andrew's gift to her arrives--license plates cut together to make her name. Zelda confronts Andrew and makes a grand gesture about wanting to be exclusive.


A to Z
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A to Z Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Howard: This app is a lot like Tindr.
Lydia: No. It is not like Tindr. They swipe. We tap. You see a person you like and you 'tap' that.

Stu: I know she's not a crazy person who sits around writing 'Zeldrew' on a piece of paper.
Andrew: It's our celebrity supercouple name.