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When Andrew and Zelda are on a date, a rude surfer guy runs into Zelda. Before Andrew can react to defend her, Zelda defends herself, and Andrew is unsure how to react.

When they talk later, Zelda says she liked that Andrew didn't start the fight. However, Lora and Dinesh convince him she was lying, which causes Andrew to over think. As the day goes on, Andrew continues to be threatened when they go out and takes his anger out on a sign spinner dressed as Abe Lincoln.

Big Bird wants to gain respect of the Wallflower employees, but is unsure how to get it. When Howard yells at them and gains respect, Big Bird wants to earn the same. When it doesn't work, she chooses to get the employees to be sympathetic of her, which still doesn't go according to plan.

At Zelda's office, she and Stephie gain a client, Frank, a very attractive man, who Stephie takes a liking to. After Zelda catches the two making out, Zelda has to keep the secret because she needs Stephie to help with the workload. Stephie begins to assimilate to Frank, who is a farmer, but after spending time at his farm, she is over him and just wants a relationship like Zelda and Andrew's.

After Andrew fights the sign spinner, Zelda becomes furious with him for being someone she doesn't like. All she wanted was to have someone listen to her work problems, which Andrew ignored. Later, with an apology dinner, Zelda lets Andrew be the "strong" boyfriend by letting it seem she was afraid of a spider, which makes both Andrew and Zelda happy.

A to Z
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A to Z Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Stephie, you have something on your face, and I believe it is our client.


Stephie: I've really got a feeling about this one in my gut.
Zelda: Are you sure that feeling isn't a bit lower in your body?