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For a new step in the relationship, Andrew and Zelda share their music libraries. Andrew searches through Zelda's and finds a demo of her singing. She makes Andrew promise to keep it a secret. He does, until the library is accidentally shared with the entire office park.

When Zelda finds out her co-workers liked her song, she doubts her path as a lawyer. Andrew tries to help her through it by having her audition for a music school. Zelda is not happy with the surprise and makes Andrew leave before she can go.

On the way home, Zelda realizes how much Andrew loved the song, and has him turn around so she can go to the audition. After, Zelda gets the answer, but doesn't care because if not for being a lawyer, she wouldn't have the life she has, including Andrew. 

Stephie, who is still furious with Stu about Scat-Cat Des Moines, finds a way to trick Stu using her certification as a psychic. She predicts certain things, including "Geronimo" a motorcycle he had as a kid. When her predictions come true, Stephie takes it further by sending him to an ex-girlfriend, who is married with a family. Stephie reveals the trick and that they are even, Stephie can be friends with Stu. 

For an office happy hour, Howard brings Big Bird, who is uncomfortable at the thought of mingling with her co-workers. The next day she finds out she was incredibly friendly and does not like it. Howard says her friendliness helped productivity, but she doesn't know how to stay that nice. To keep up the act, she thinks it is best if she drinks at work, until Howard reveals he pretended to put alcohol in her cup, he proves she's actually a nice person. 

After Zelda hears the final answer from the school, she decides to share her singing at another Wallflower happy hour. 

A to Z
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A to Z Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Stephie: [to Andrew] I told you this was a bad idea.
Stu: Couldn't you have predicted this?
Stephie: I did. I just told him it was a bad idea.

Let's go eat some dead fish. I bet they had dreams once, too.