Field Trip - Abbott Elementary
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The school goes on an overnight field trip to the Franklin Institute, and Janine and Gregory are happy to be paired as group buddies.

As they wait outside for the busses to arrive, Maurice walks by and runs into Janine, who tries to apologize for the way their breakup went down at Bone Town. Janine is shocked when Maurice says she was selfish for how she treated him. Upset by Maurice’s comments, Janine tries to avoid Gregory for the rest of the day.

At the museum, Melissa mocks a volunteer who is clearly not from Philadelphia while Ava tells the kids that with the vastness of the Universe and so much of our oceans left unexplored, aliens most likely already exist on Earth.

Gregory tells Janine that his father has asked him to work at his landscaping business in Baltimore this summer, but he was considering staying in Philly and hanging out with her. When Janine is subdued and tells him to do what he wants, he is taken aback.

Gregory shares the interaction with Jacob, who tells him he should share how he feels about Janine with Janine. Gregory worries there will be no going back after that happens, but Jacob points out there might be good stuff on the other side.

When all of the kids settle down to sleep, Gregory confronts Janine about her change in behavior since speaking to Maurice that morning. She tells him to forget about it, but he won’t. Gregory admits that he likes Janine and has feelings for her. But before they can finish the conversation, one of the students spies Barbara with a C-Pap mask on and mistakes her for an alien. All of the kids scream and run.

After Barbara explains what her face mask is for, the kids calm down for the night. Janine and Gregory finish their conversation. They admit to liking one another from the moment they met, but they’ve both been in other relationships. Just when it seems they might be headed somewhere, Janine backs away. If they pursued this relationship, it would be real, and Janine’s not ready for that yet. She needs to work on herself.

Gregory is disappointed but understands. Later, he, Jacob, and Janine head out for something to eat together after the trip, much like they always have.

Mr. Johnson tells Ava he’s taking the rest of his time off to pursue his dream of working at Gregory’s father’s landscaping company. Ava points out he has no time off, but he leaves anyway.


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Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Janine: I really wanted to apologize for how things went down at Bone Town.
Maurice: You ever notice how people say they want to apologize instead of just apologizing? It’s wild.
Janine: Well, I’m sorry.
Maurice: It’s all good. Gregory told me not to pursue you, and I did anyway. So, I guess we’re both in our selfish eras.

Janine: I’m happy Ava paired us up as group buddies.
Gregory: Now, don’t ever leave us behind. I need you to have my back in case someone casts an ancient spell and all of the exhibits come to life. I’m counting on those tiny fists for very precise blows.
Janine: Wait, so you did watch Night at the Museum?
Gregory: Yeah, I take all of your recommendations seriously. I want to know why you like stuff.