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Jacob entertains students and Ava with slight hand magic. Ava is overly impressed. Melissa comes in and debunks all his tricks. He does one final card trick, and she scoffs and walks away with the card on her back.

The staff talks about their Memorial Weekend plans. Janine reveals she is going on a trip by herself. She thinks they will make fun of her but are proud of her.

She has a missed call from her mom, but she assumes it's a butt dial.

Gregory searches the cabinet for almonds for his oatmeal, and Jacob takes him to his close friend in the cafeteria. Initially, she acts annoyed to see him, but they make up a song and reveal they are very close.

Shanay is setting up for Earth Day, and she and Jacob talk about their personal lives for a minute. She asks what he needs from the kitchen but promptly turns it down when she discovers that Gregory wants something.

Janine teaches her kids Geography but hears heels coming down the hall. She hushes the kids as her mom, a glamorous tall woman in a cropped fur coat, enters her classroom. Her name is Vanetta.

Janine hasn't spoken to her in six months and says she doesn't follow the rules, but she's glad her mom is there.

Jacob runs into Gregory in the hallway and asks about the tension between Shanay and Gregory. Gregory dismisses it, but Jacob is concerned. Melissa speaks up and says Principals need to be able to get along with and make small talk with people.

Janine shows her mom around the school and introduces her to Barbara and Ava. Ava tries to throw shade, but Vanetta glares at her, and she realizes Vanetta will beat her up. Ava leaves.

Vanetta and Janine catch up. Janine has often invited her to the school, and Vanetta lives in the neighborhood. Vanetta casually mentions her phone bill is over $600. Janine asks why she came, but Vanetta says she is proud of her and wants to see her school.

They take a selfie, but she can't send it because they cut her phone off.

Janine and Barbara speak about her mom, and Barbara is suspicious about Vanetta's intentions. Janine is so grateful she is there. She mentions she has her trip money so she can help her mom.

Ava works the room at the Earth Day event, and Gregory tries to do the same and has an awkward encounter with the school nurse.

Ava realizes she recognizes Vanetta from the club. Barbara tells Melissa her concerns about Vanetta popping up. Melissa agrees she is a swindler but tells her to mind her business.

Barbara thinks Vanetta is going to get Janine's trip money. Ava is impressed with the scam.

Barbara walks in on Vanetta, who is rummaging through the break room. Barbara proudly brags about Janine and mentions her concerns.

Vanetta didn't even know Janine and Tariq had broken up.

Barbara offers her the money, but Janine walks in and overhears their conversation.

Vanetta follows Janine into her classroom and lies about Barbara. She tells her Barbara tried to fight her.

Janine says she will set up a payment plan and give her the money for the first two payments because she is going on vacation. Vanetta agrees to the deal, and they tell each other they love each other and hug.

Gregory decides he isn't good at small talk and will keep it regular. But he overhears Shanay and the nurse talking baseball and tells them the Orioles' score from the night before.

They bond over their love for the Orioles. Jacob is ecstatic.

Barbara apologizes to Janine, and Janine is touched. Janine is proud to have set some boundaries.

Barbara and Janine head to Ross to get a swim cover-up.

The staff catches up in the break room. Gregory walks Janine out while Jacob bends a spoon with his "mind." Melissa looks shocked at his trick.

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Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Is that all you got? The cheap hand gimmicks? I've seen better at the boardwalk. I've seen a lot at the boardwalk.


Ava: Damn! America does have talent!
Jacob: Well, this is light work compared to the real Alchemy -- Black Girl Magic.
Ava: Boo! Shut up and do another trick.