A Breakthrough - Absentia
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Jack buys Alice special jewelry and is obviously smitten. She tells him Nick knows she’s having an affair but doesn’t know with whom. Alice gets defensive when Jack is upset she wants to break things off. 


Emily asks Nick to keep Flynn away from Dr. Odewale until she can figure out how he connects to her case.


Dr. Odewale tells Emily he didn’t work directly with the Project Quill but it’s obvious he’s playing Emily when he tells her it’s all a blur and offers her a glass of water. He encourages her to take some private sessions. 


Emily notices a creepy drawing on the doctor’s wall. He says it was drawn by one of his patients and it’s the same drawing she saw at Rex Wolfe’s in Moldova. She learns that Dr. Odewale has worked at Fort Devins counseling soldiers with PTSD for the last ten years. Cal thinks it’s possible he worked with Rex Wolfe when Wolfe was stationed there. 


Emily checks out Odewale’s research papers from 30 years ago and finds citations to Catalyst Diagnostics. Cal uses it to get a warrant to get access to Catalyst’s database. Turns out Catalyst also keeps blood, urine, and tissue samples for research and has since the 1990s. 


Cal tells Nick more about Dr. Odewale’s involvement and Nick goes back to Tyler’s mother and finds out he was given an experimental drug to help with his behavior. She identifies Dr. Odewale as the doctor. 


Now Odewale is directly connected to Wolfe and Tyler, and the other victims through Catalyst. They also believe he ordered the hit on Tommy when Tommy got too close. 


While Cal and Julianne interrogate Odewale, Nick check’s his office and Emily his house. His office has been cleared out. 


Emily waits at his house until he returns. She ties him to a chair and tells him she has the same gas that Tyler Mills used at FEMA, but it’s really just tear gas. He confesses that years ago, Laurie brought him to Emily when she was being held and that Emily’s blood was the origins for his Resilience serum. Emily became more resilient got stronger the longer she was caged. The serum worked perfectly on soldiers like Wolfe but backfired on civilians. He had Wolfe use the Fentanyl to cover their failures. 


Before Emily can get him to tell her whether or not he gave the serum to Flynn, Cal and Nick arrive to stop her, but their car blows up in the street. They all run outside as someone else sneaks in and shoots Odewale who is still tied to the chair. 

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Absentia Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Jack: It’s been a while since I’ve been in a relationship, well, one that’s not self-destructive and I saw this and I couldn’t help myself.
Alice: Oh Jack.

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Nick: I know I don’t say it enough but I really appreciate the way you handle our family dynamic.
Alice: I love you and I love Flynn. It’s that simple.