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A huge piece of the Fentanyl Killer puzzle fell into place during Absentia Season 2 Episode 9 but it's clear there are still holes left in this mystery.

But Emily, Cal, and Nick won't stop until they fill in all of the blanks, especially since Flynn's future is on the line.

A Breakthrough - Absentia

Getting access to the Catalyst Database allowed Emily and Cal to answer a lot of questions.

Unfortunately, uncovering that same information is what got Detective Tommy Gibbs killed.

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As much as I hate that Tommy is dead, I am relieved that he didn't take his own life. Although he was obviously upset over the suspension and the status of he and Emily's relationship, I just didn't see him as being suicidal. 

Finding out that Dr. Odewale was a part of this horrifying conspiracy shook Emily to the bone, not only because she trusted him but because he has been treating Flynn

Emily Has a Breakdown - Absentia Season 2 Episode 9

Thankfully, Cal was there for her when the panic attack hit and he understands exactly what she needs during moments such as this. 

Even better, Emily allowed him to help her through them. 

I was a little surprised that Cal told Nick all of the details concerning Dr. Odewale but I suppose Nick is as much a part of this case as anyone and this could directly affect his son.

Nick was absolutely devastated but the one upside was that it had he and Emily working as a team once again. 

Although I don't ever expect Nick and Emily to get back together romantically, I think they generally work together well and it was fun to see them on the same page once again.

Nick Is Horrified - Absentia Season 2 Episode 9

Unfortunately, Nick's homelife is in far worse shape than he realizes.

He may know that Alice has been having an affair but he seems to have decided not to ask for any of the details and just assume that it's over and they've put this behind them.

Nick: I know I don’t say it enough but I really appreciate the way you handle our family dynamic.
Alice: I love you and I love Flynn. It’s that simple.

He's correct about it being over, at least on Alice's end, but Jack was crushed. 

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Realistically, I don't know what Jack expected to happen with Alice, considering their connection, but it was clear he had his heart set on a lot more than being dumped in the breakroom at work.

Alice: I have a lot more to lose than you do, my marriage, my family.
Jack: Thanks for pointing that out, Alice, I have a sister and father who’ll be pissed as hell…Look, can we, maybe, please, just get together later and talk about this, please?
Alice: I think we’ve covered everything.

What struck me was how cold Alice was about the whole thing, especially since she was the one to initiate this affair. 

Alice and Nick Reconclie - Absentia Season 2 Episode 9

Maybe quickly pulling the band-aid off is the better way to go, but I wish she would have taken the time to tell Jack she never meant to hurt him and that ending this was better for everyone involved.

Instead, she only focused on how this could affect her life and made him feel dismissed. There's no telling how this could blow back on her, especially if Jack heads back to the bottle in order to cope with getting his heart broken. 

The other thing that bothered me about Alice was her connection to Dr. Odewale. 

Please, don't tell me that she's somehow involved in these experiments. It's bad enough thinking that she put Flynn in harm's way simply by trusting the wrong person but there's that tiny voice in my head that's wondering if it's more insidious than that. 

On Absentia, anything is possible!

Alice's History - Absentia Season 2 Episode 9

Dr. Odewale was truly frightening when started talking quietly about things being blurred and then offering Emily a glass of water. 

He knows water is a trigger for her. 

It was clear he wasn't going to break while being interrogated so Emily taking matters into her own hands wasn't a shock.

Dr. Odewale: Emily, you can’t do this. You’re an FBI agent.
Emily: I entrusted you with my son! I can do whatever I want to you.

I expected that Emily and the kids at Barrett House may have been the early victims of his experimentation, but I never thought that Emily was the origin for the serum itself.

An Evil Doctor - Absentia Season 2 Episode 9

Dr. Odewale: Your blood was the genesis for the serum. You are connected to all of the Fentanyl victims. Your blood was in their veins.
Emily: You tortured me.
Dr. Odewale: I made you what you are. Your resilience got stronger the longer you were caged. I did that.

There are so many more questions to answer. 

Do the effects of the serum ever subside or is the victim doomed to suffer lifelong aggressive symptoms?

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Is the serum the reason that Emily almost killed Tommy, or was that just Emily in the middle of a PTSD induced episode where she lost control?

And has Flynn been injected with the serum?

Julianne Learns the Truth - Absentia Season 2 Episode 9

Also, who killed Dr. Odewale?

So far, my first suspect is Agent Julianne Gunnarsen. She seems too good to be true and she looked a bit shaken when Cal and Emily told her and Crown about Dr. Odewale for the first time.

Shaken as though she knew all of this information already but was trying to hide her reaction. 

How many more secrets will be revealed as we head into Absentia Season 2 Episode 10, the season finale? Could even more people Emily trusts be involved?

Who do you think killed Dr. Odewale and is this horrible conspiracy almost over?

The Catalyst Database - Absentia Season 2 Episode 9

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Absentia Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Jack: It’s been a while since I’ve been in a relationship, well, one that’s not self-destructive and I saw this and I couldn’t help myself.
Alice: Oh Jack.

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Nick: I know I don’t say it enough but I really appreciate the way you handle our family dynamic.
Alice: I love you and I love Flynn. It’s that simple.