Emily: You wanted to be just like them, live in a world of privilege, but in the end, you discovered that you were disposable too.
Julianne: Isn’t that, isn’t that what everything comes down to in the end? Just wanting to be special.
Emily: Not always. Sometimes it’s just about valuing human life.

Emily: It’s over for them.
Julianne: It’s never over for people like the Kerlans; you should know that by now.

Julianne: You could have killed me on that rooftop. Why didn’t you?
Emily: I don’t know. Why did you kill Alice Durand?
Julianne: Rich and powerful people need someone to clean up their mess. The rest of us are disposable. Alice was stupid, soft. She would have sold us out in a minute.

Nick: I’ll keep him safe, Em, I promise.
Emily: I know you will.
Nick: And I think I’m going to need to be just a Dad for the first time in a long, long…it’s going to be…it’s going to be a nice change.
Emily: You’re a good man, Nick.

Flynn: How long until I see you again?
Emily: I don’t know. You’ve got the best of me. You know that, right? You’ve got the very best of me and your Dad.
Flynn: I love you.
Emily: I love you, always and forever.

Cal: I was trying to buy you more time to find Nick. I wanted to keep you safe.
Emily: I don’t need protection, Cal.
Cal: What do you need? Let me know.

It can’t be a coincidence that a woman who's in charge of a non-profit for refugees was at the same party as the guy who’s testing on refugees.


Emily: We going to do something about it?
Crowne: I’ve already started, but our mole has already left a trail of bodies so we’ve got to play this smart.

It was all too easy. Webb was a smart guy. He was an FBI Special Agent in New York for decades, and what? We just catch him on the take, like that easily. Uh-uh. He was smarter than the evidence shook out, or at least he should have been.


Emily: Thank you for everything at the farm.
Jack: It was my turn to get shot.

Flynn: You don’t have to worry about me anymore.
Emily: I’m always going to worry about you.
Flynn: Even when I’m grown up and living on my own?
Emily: Yup. Always and forever.

I hope you never have to be scared of anyone.

Emily [to Flynn]

Absentia Quotes

If you don't believe me, Nick, why are you even asking me the question?


Alice: I know she would have loved to be at your race, every race, but she wanted to make your life safer, and mine. We kind of owe her, don't you think?
Flynn: You're my Mom.