Things Turn Explosive - Absentia
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As Emily lays bleeding on the floor after being stabbed, Cal shows up and rushes her to the hospital. Agent Crown is heading up the investigation into Nick’s abduction. 


After her surgery, Emily insists on leaving the hospital, despite her brother trying to get her to stay and heal. She hunts down Nick’s source, Kai, who is hiding out at a shelter for abused women. 


When Emily tries to bring Kai in, the young woman points out that the FBI couldn’t even protect Nick. Her former employer has sources everywhere. She’ll only go with Emily if she promises not to turn her into the FBI. 


Kai says that Emily’s attacker, the man with the white eye, is Kristophe. Emily tracks him down at this strange fight club where she abducts him, stabs him, and tells him she’ll let him bleed out if he doesn’t take her to Nick. 


Meanwhile, Nick is in an abandoned warehouse, being beaten for information about his source. A man who appears to be in charge walks in and shoots everyone but Nick. By the time Emily gets to the warehouse, Nick is gone. 


Cal continues to torture Kristophe in the ambulance until he gives up that he was working for Meridian, a European criminal organization. They’ve sent their fixer, Dawkins, to deal with Nick. 


Back at the FBI, Julianne calls Cal out on Meridan being mentioned in his redacted file for the time between him leaving the military and joining the FBI. Cal tells her that the information is part of an ongoing National Security Investigation, and he can’t comment on it. 


The team thinks they’ve tracked down Nick and Dawkins, but just as they are about to enter, the building blows up. 

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Absentia Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Jack: What are you doing out of bed?
Emily: I need to find Nick.
Jack: Okay, well let’s get you back to your room.
Emily: The FBI’s got nothing.
Jack: Yeah. Well, what are you going to do about it? Huh?
Emily: I don’t know. Something.

Crown: You look…good.
Emily: I look like shit.