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Elliot’s tech makes his escape with two grey briefcases before Interpol arrives. 
Cal tells Emily he didn’t tell her about his communication with Gunnarsen because he was trying to buy Emily more time. He was trying to protect her. Emily says she can take care of herself and doesn’t want his protection. The two almost kiss but hesitate. Call tells Emily that when she figures out what she does want, to let him know. 
Nick has the password to unlock Kai’s files, but it will take weeks to go through all of the information. They bring the data back to the FBI to try and figure out what Meridian was testing on the refugees and what the bioweapon might be. 
Agent Polly Canto goes through Kai’s files and finds that Meridian bought a lot of pharmaceutical patents. One of those files has all of Emily’s information since she was a child from Project Quill.
Brigitte Kerlan, who runs Border Outreach and is the head of Kerlan Pharmaceuticals, comes to Boston for a board of directors meeting. Elliot’s research was funded by Kerlan Pharmaceuticals, and the company has been stockpiling certain chemicals as if they know they’ll need them soon. 
Nick and Cal bring Brigitte in for an interview. Julianne is furious when they present Brigitte with documents about the shell companies connected to her pharmaceutical company. Julianne stops the interview. 
Crowne doesn’t believe that Director Webb was the mole. Emily still suspects Julianne, and so does he. They decide to work together. 
Warren has Dawkins’ cell phone and gives it to Emily. The phone logs were deleted, but her tech guy can recover the information. 
Emily’s tech guy retrieves Dawkins’ phone data. There are several unlisted numbers in Europe and one in Boston. While watching Julianne in a parking garage, Emily and Crown use the phone to call the unknown Boston number; Julianne has that phone. 
The texts on Dawkins’ phone show that Julianne told him where to find Kai in the mall. 
When Emily gets a warning that the house is being watched and Flynn is threatened, she, Nick, and Warren come up with a plan. They blow up their home, making it look like Nick and Flynn have been killed so that the two of them will be safe until Meridian, Kerlan Pharmaceuticals, and Gunnarsen are taken down. Nick promises to keep Flynn safe and says he’ll enjoy just being a dad for a while. 
Emily releases the information about Kerlan Pharmaceuticals being involved in organ harvesting and illegal medical research to its board members and then to social media. They give Kai credit for the information. Afterward, a search finds the bioweapon at Kerlan headquarters, and Brigitte is arrested. 
At the FBI, Julianne copies some files and deletes others, but Crowne is on to her. Emily follows Gunnarsen when she goes to deliver the files to someone from Meridian. When then man attacks Julianne, Emily steps in and kills him. 
Later, Julianne is in prison. She admits to Emily that she killed Alice because she was soft and would have ratted them out. 
Six months later, Emily is working to take down a black-market arms dealer in Europe. She invites Cal to work with her and gives him her hotel room key. He agrees to both. 
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Absentia Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Flynn: You don’t have to worry about me anymore.
Emily: I’m always going to worry about you.
Flynn: Even when I’m grown up and living on my own?
Emily: Yup. Always and forever.

I hope you never have to be scared of anyone.

Emily [to Flynn]