Going To Extremes - Absentia
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Jack wakes up and breaks free of his restraints. He stops Dawkins from getting to Flynn. Flynn runs to the barn, but Dawkins shoots Jack. 
Flynn uses his bow and arrow to keep Dawkins at bay, shooting him once in the leg. Dawkins tells Flynn his mother would be proud, but this won’t end well for him. Flynn puts down the bow and arrow and says he’ll surrender. He lures Dawkins to him, and Dawkins steps on the broken cover of the old well, falls in, and is killed. 
Elliot has Emily stripped searched but doesn’t find the files. He has Armstrong torture her, driving a long nail through her hand. Elliot is playing with her prayer beads while watching her be tortured when he discovers the beads hide the files. 
Elliot tells Emily that Dawkins is at the farmhouse and has her family. Emily breaks free of her restraints, kills several guards, some with the nail she used to torture her. She finds Elliot packing up his serums. He tries to inject her with something, but Emily turns it on his. The serum kills him, but before he dies, he tells Emily it’s too late, that “she” already has the bio-agent. 
Emily uses Elliot’s phone to call Dawkins and call off the hit on her family, but Flynn answers. He tells her Dawkins is dead, and Jack has been shot, but there’s an ambulance on the way. 
Nick frees the refugees being held in group holding cages, including Rafiq’s mother, then goes back to find Emily.
Cal goes after Armstrong. The two do battle, and Armstrong is killed.
Nick, Cal, and Emily find one another once again at the refugee camp.
Julianne goes through an old friend at the Dept. of Justice to get a subpoena to go through Deputy Director Webb’s financial records and see if there are any red flags. Fifty thousand dollars was paid to his sister’s account when Agent Thompson was killed, but his sister has been dead for three years. 
Gunnarsen and Crowne go Webb’s hotel room to confront him and find him dead, appearing to have hung himself. 
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Absentia Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

I know you were close, so you do what you’ve got to do, but he gets no sympathy from me, and quite frankly, he doesn’t deserve any from you either.


Gunnarsen: Fifty thousand dollars wired into his sister’s account hours after Thompson’s murder from an unknown, offshore account. His sister died three years ago.
Crowne: Shady bastard.