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Ava enters the courthouse amid a media circus. She doesn't hear their clamoring leading us to discover that she is deaf. Her husband demands to know where her interpreter is. The lawyer expresses his belief that she should have taken the plea deal because she would not be sympathetic to the jury. He tells her that juries protect babies, and she pleads that she was trying to protect the baby.

We go back to when Ava was pregnant and learn that she is a surrogate for a couple, Jenny and Max. Jenny stops to visit and laments that she can't carry a baby. We learn that Ava had a pregnancy in high school, but we don't learn too many details about what happened to that child.

Jenny touches her belly, and they share a moment. She shares that she's afraid the baby won't know her. While Jenny prepares lunch, Ava's water breaks.

Max, Jenny's musician husband, joyfully rushes to the hospital. The masked doctors and parents encourage her to push, but she hears nothing. She is relieved and seemingly happy for the parents as they embrace the baby.

Baby Lucie failed the hearing test, and Max asked if that was because of the deaf surrogate. The doctor advises that it had nothing to do with the surrogate. Jenny mentions that her great-aunt was deaf, which may be why the baby can't hear. Max is visibly distressed.

Two weeks later, Ava is still missing the baby. She pumps breast milk for Jenny and Max, and we discover that she gave her baby up for adoption. She misses the baby, and her husband dismisses it as postpartum emotion.

Jenny and Max talk about how upsetting the audiology appointments have been. Max blames her deafness on his wife, and he implies that she hid the truth about her aunt's deafness. He feels betrayed.

In the courtroom, Ava and her husband enter and share a fleeting glance with Max and Jenny. We learn she is being charged with kidnapping and reckless endangerment.

Max watches videos of deaf children hearing their mother's voices for the first time. He is obsessed with cochlear implants and has researched the process. He is impressed with the technology, but Jenny seems unsure and avoids the subject.

She brings the baby by to see Ava and tells her the baby is deaf. She also asks about the cochlear implant and expresses how much her husband wants it. Ava tells her that it causes her pain, so she doesn't wear hers. She advocates against it because it removes her identity as a deaf person. She shares a moment in ASL with the baby and tells her she loves her.

Ava researches surrogacy laws, and KJ confronts her about her obsession with Lucie. He mentions that they will have their children one day, but she insists she loves Lucie.

Ava visits Max and Jenny to drop off breast milk. She confronts Max and gives him a letter explaining that cochlear implants are mutilation and should be Lucie's choice. He retorts back at her and is interrupted by Jenny, who accuses him of being rude. They fight, and he throws something in anger.

Ava fearfully listens to the fight and takes off with Lucie. Max and Lucie are frantic. Ava calls KJ from the car and has him meet her and the baby. He tries to devise a reasonable solution, but she refuses to listen to reason. She is determined to win custody of the baby. She tries to leave him, but he insists on coming with her and helping her cover her tracks.

At the police station, they have a video call with Ava's mother, who has a general distaste for Ava and insults her character. Jenny feels sympathy for Ava despite the situation.

Ava gets news from her friend in law school, who tells her she has no legal recourse. She leaves KJ at a convenience store and leaves him a note never to tell anyone he was with her. She wants to keep him out of trouble.

KJ speaks with the detective, and he and Max have words. Max grabs KJ, but the detective intervenes. Jenny and Max are at odds because Jenny also sees things from Ava's perspective.

An officer sees Ava in the vehicle, and she holds up a sign telling him she is deaf. Then she cries, knowing she has been caught.

The detective reunites Lucie with Max and Jenny.

In court, Jenny testified about their friendship and that she trusted Ava. A court interpreter signs for Ava. Her lawyer refuses to cross-examine Jenny and KJ responds with disbelief.

Ava's mother takes the stand and does not help her daughter's defense. She defends herse;f as a parent.

A deaf lawyer, Sari, takes over Ava's case. She is excited to take over her case and determined that the jury will see her and find her sympathetic.

Ava takes the stand and tells how painful her childhood was with a family that didn't sign. She tells them she had no help with her pregnancy in high school. The adults around her weren't motivated to communicate with her. 

She talks about her love for the baby and how the parents seemed unhappy with the baby. She wanted to spare Lucie the pain she endured as an unwanted child.

Jenny, Max, and Ava's mom are all visibly moved by her testimony. And Jenny tells the prosecutor that they no longer want to pursue charges. The judge allows it and dismisses the charges because the child was never in danger.

Outside the courtroom, Ava thanks her lawyer. Max and Jenny approach and tell Ava they will try to learn ASL. Max signs the word TRY and



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I want her to hear my voice. I want her to know me.


But I have this stupid, incompetent cervix, so I can't do the one thing women are supposed to be able to do.