You wanna know why I'm an addict? It's because I'm suffocating in this house. My only escape from the constant look of failure in your faces us the high I think about night and day. I'm sorry it's the truth. Leo the underachiever. Leo the screw up.


Well this is my music, my legacy, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let him take that away too.


I honestly can't remember what you were on when you and Dana left Jake in the park that time.


Everyday keeps falling faster than the last. But I can't run faster. Faster than my past.


I think we should put that song out as a bonus track. I could go through your old notebooks, piece a melody together.


I felt so ashamed. I wanted to pretend that Jessie wasn't a result of my betraying my friend, and it wasn't true. It felt easier to let our friendship die than to spend time with you.


Kara: You know that thing that happened between us.
Dominic: That we agreed to leave behind us
Kara: Yes, but we didn't. We really didn't leave it behind. Jessie is your kid

Kara: Will is to have no more contact with Jessie.
Fern: Have any of you seen Romeo and Juliet?
Kara: I'm serious. No more contact!

Girl: Honestly, all I want is a nice guy who can make me laugh. I don't care about anything else.
Samir: Women always say that, but it's crap. You don't want nice. You don't even see nice. You just want flashy guys who treat you badly and buy you things like your ex, right?

Mrs. Khalil: You know, the doctor didn't even come into the office today. He had me push all his patients into a three-day week, and he's making just as much money
Samir: Must be nice
Mrs. Khalil: I know we always said you would be a surgeon because you have such beautiful hands. But maybe you should consider dermatology. Most of the procedures take less than two minutes, and there's none of that hassle with insurance.

He wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. At least, that's what I thought. Maybe I pushed him too hard. Maybe it's my fault.

Mrs. Khalil

Mrs. Khalil: I brought you to this country. I sacrificed my life so that you could throw yours away?
Samir: I'm not throwing it away.
Mrs. Khalil: What are you doing?
Samir: I'm living it!