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Coulson and the team take out the super soldiers at the barber shop and Skye inserts the program into the computer.

Garrett is healed and both physically and mentally strong. Ward worries he's losing his mind.

Fitz and Simmons survived the container dump into the ocean, but they have no way out. They figure out a way to break out a window and project up to the surface. There's only oxygen for one of them. Fitz makes Simmons use it. They are both rescued by Fury.

Coulson's team breaks into Cybertek. May and Ward battle. And, they take out Garrett's men.

Deathlok is protecting Garrett. Skye finds Cybertek's "incentive program" and gets Ace. She sends Mike Peterson a message from his son and he turns on Garrett. Garrett recovers but Coulson disintegrates him.

Ward is taken into custody. Raina and Quinn are still out there.

Fury wants Coulson to re-build SHIELD from the beginning. It's Director Coulson now. They go to a new base and are greeted by "Billy."

Raina tells someone, "I found your daughter." and shows a picture of Skye.

Coulson wakes up in the middle of the night and craves a drawing into the wall similar to the one Garrett drew.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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