Is this the future or the past? They look so similar.


Coulson: Now it's my turn to smile. We just needed you to enter your authorization.
Sibyl: Oh? And what comes next?
May: The Cavalry.

Coulson: This is what we were fighting for.
Daisy: Family.

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Daisy: Are you really just seeing the world?
Coulson: There's some places I've always wanted to go.
Daisy: Okay. But look at what you did here. There are people out there who are lost, people who show promise. If you don't find them, who will?
Coulson: How's it going with your new recruit?
Daisy: She's doing great. She's been through a lot, but, um, it's funny what can happen when someone believes in you.
Coulson: Give me a call when you get back.
Daisy: Yes, sir.

Turns out I speak fax, this isn't fax.


Mack: That's some serious flying there.
May: That used to be all I did.

Piper: I'm sorry, are you saying we were guarding this thing for nothing?
Fitz: No, you were guarding our everything.

Deke: I'll stay.
Mack: D-
Deke: First of all, I'm the one with the scientific knowledge to be able to repatch the power. Danny boy over here is still impressed by a lightbulb.
Sousa: That's not accurate or nice.

May: We're not the same people we were.
Coulson: Pretty sure everyone would agree on that.
May: I'm wondering if we change the timelines or if they change us.
Coulson: The Melinda May I know would never ask these philosophical questions.
May: Which is the point. How did I become this me?
Coulson: I don't know, but I like this you. And if I'm completely honest, I like this me as well.

Sousa: Wow, that's real peachy.
Mack: Did you just say peachy?
Sousa: Yeah.
Mack: If we get out of here, I gotta get you some new words. And don't let Daisy hear you talking like that.
Sousa: Why? Does it mean something bad now?
Mack: No, it's...nevermind. It's a fine word, you're a fine man.

Sousa: [kisses Daisy] Didn't know I was gonna do that.
Daisy: I'm glad you did.

Daisy: Kora.
Mack: How'd she get up here?
Daisy: I don't care. She's not gonna stop me from getting back Simmons.
Mack: And Deke.
Daisy: Sure.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Quotes

So this is the business you’re protecting? Your creepy opium den of fantasy?


Yo-Yo: You won’t listen! I am in a nightmare, and I’m screaming at the top of my lungs and not one of you can hear me!
Simmons: We hear you!
Yo-Yo: But you won’t *listen*! You all saw what happened, and none of you will help me stop this! [turns to Mack] I’m alone. Even you, even you won’t help me.
Mack: No. You’re not alone. We’re in this with you, but you need to hold it together.
Yo-Yo: There’s nothing holding us together!
Mack: Yes, there is! HOPE! We never give up. We’re always held together by hope! So we cling to it, and we vote. We vote.