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Agent May approaches Maria Hill to ask her to help Coulson.

Fitz finds a message Skye left behind at Providence, "Ward is Hydra." And Simmons finds Koenig's dead body. They realize Ward killed Koenig and Skye is playing him. They try to find the Bus so they can save Skye.

Col. Talbot shows up at Providence with Hill. She tries to convince Coulson to give up the fight. He refuses. She decides to help him after he reveals that Garrett is still out there and Ward is Hydra.

Skye turns on Ward, but the police can't help her. Deathlok grabs her and takes her back to the Bus with Ward. They attempt to convince her to turn over the decryption code. Ward tells her it's not personal that his feelings for her are real. Deathlok threatens Ward's life and Skye tells them how to unlock the drive.

Coulson rescues Skye. The team is working unofficially to bring down Garrett and Ward.

May finds the evidence about who was in charge of TAHITI. It was Coulson!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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