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"Heavy is the Head" picks up right where we left off and we learn Izzy and Idaho were killed in that car crash.

Hunter survived and encourages May to follow Creel and bring him down. However, Coulson orders her to back off.

Meanwhile, General Talbot's soldiers capture Hunter and bring him in for questioning. Actually, it's more like the General offers the mercenary a deal. Take out Coulson for 2 million and a proper burial for Izzy.

Fitz has been questioning his value to the team, but soon finds a new friend in Mack. The new agent is direct and patient with Fitz leading the damaged genius to slowly come around. Is this the beginning of Fitz's recovery?

Coulson and Hunter meet in his office. The Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. tells the mercenary he knows all about Talbot's deal. Hunter simply wants vengeance and to get paid what he's owed. He'll work for the highest bidder.

The Absorbing Man is having trouble of his own. He accidently absorbed the obelisk and has lost control of his abilities. Raina offers Creel some help in the form of a material known as carbine. It is 3 times harder than diamonds. Creel rejects her offer but takes the carbine.

Luckily for our heroes, Raina is now tracking Creel and she provides his location to Coulson. She's assures the Director she's not Hydra and does not want to see the obelisk falling into the wrong hands. That doesn't make her a good guy though.

Coulson allows Hunter to take part in the mission to take Creel down. Unfortunately, the mercenary is more concerned with vengeance. He ultimately betrays the team by knocking out May, Skye and Triplett. Hunter attempts to kill Creel but the Absorbing Man touches the carbine effectively protecting him from bullets. The distraction proves enough for Coulson to attach a device Fitz created to Creel stopping him in his tracks.

Hunter once again made the wrong choice, but surprisingly Coulson officially ask him to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. I need skilled assets in the field who are willing to step over the line, Coulson tells him. Can the mercenary truly be trusted though?

Elsewhere, Raina is encouraged to touch the obelisk by Skye's father. Rather than kill her, it begins to glow and the alien writing appears. How does Skye's father know the secrets of the obelisk and what does he need Skye for?

Director Coulson and General Talbot arrange to meet. Coulson turns Creel over as a peace offering. Talbot questions if S.H.I.E.L.D. is even a viable threat just as the cloaked Bus and Quinn Jet materialize.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Skye: Fitz would be crushed if he saw this. He's been working on cloaking since before Simmons took off.
Triplett: Still can't believe she abandoned him like that.
Skye: She abandoned all of us.

Hunter: Well that's just marvelous. Talbot wants me dead and now I have no funds to run with. Any tips?
Coulson: Yeah, don't run. Work for me instead.
Hunter: Creel must have hit you in the head. I shot three of your agents.
Coulson: Including Agent May, not a smart move.
Hunter: Is she the type that holds a grudge?
Coulson: Savors it actually. No doubt you've made some mistakes, so have I like letting you go after Creel but I felt for you.
Hunter: Yeah and I took advantage of that. How do you know I won't do it again?
Coulson: I don't, but the reality is I don't have a fleet of Hellicarriers, or Quinn Jets or thousands of agents at my disposal anymore. We're lucky we still have our George Foreman grill.
Hunter: You need warm bodies is that it?
Coulson: I need skilled assets in the field who are willing to step over the line. To do the wrong thing but for the right reason. I need you because I can't be you. Not anymore.