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Ward sits down to a fancy octopus dinner with Gideon, who enlightens him on the HYDRA symbol. "They are ruthless killers. A nearly perfect predator. Same could be said of you" Gideon says.

Gideon worked out that Ward was after the Von Strucker family vault, said to house HYDRA's greatest power. Though he hints an alliance, Gideon walks out of the room and his soldiers attack. Ward takes the men down easily, then tortures them for intel on the vault. One man slips and mentions Germany.

Elsewhere, Andrew's pod is turned over to the ATCU and Rosalind assures Coulson they're doing the right thing. Stasis is a temporary measure to keep the good doctor from permanently becoming Lash. Mack notices that the two leaders have grown too close.

Back at the lab, Fitz shares information with Simmons about Will's NASA symbol matching the ram's head chiseled into the ancient castle floor. Tracing its origin might be the key to bringing Will home.

Lincoln tells Daisy that Agent May has been giving him the hate stare, but at least he slept. The two decide not to discuss their kiss.

An angry Mack confronts Coulson about his relationship with Rosalind. The Director admits he likes Roz, but that doesn't mean he trusts her fully. While he questions her face to face at S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, the rest of the team will go behind her back and infiltrate the ATCU. Director Coulson briefs his team on "Operation Spolight." S.H.I.E.L.D. will use Dr. Garner's pod as an excuse to peer into the ATCU's secrets. As he announces the individual teams, Agent May picks Lincoln as her partner. Needless to say, he's pretty surprised.

Rosalind arrives at S.H.I.E.L.D's underground base and appears quite impressed. Coulson has her phone scanned for "wireless sniffers," but in reality he sends her details to his team. The containment pod is triggered and the ATCU's IT department goes into overdrive.

Enter Bobbi and Hunter disguised as FBI agents, the mission is now underway.

Coulson talks of how S.H.I.E.L.D. recruited him, opening up to Rosalind. The two continue to flirt, while Bobbi and Hunter access the ATCU systems with Daisy's guidance. Bobbi excuses herself to take a phone call and discovers that the ATCU is not working on a cure, they're giving out infected fish oil pills. May and Lincoln take the jet to extract the duo, but she doesn't say a word to him ont he flight. She ultimately apologizes to Lincoln for Andrew's actions.

Simmons is struggling with the fact Will was apparently sacrificed by the mysterious organization. Fitz assures her they will figure this all out, but she becomes irritated by his commitment to doing the right thing. The two argue over their "cursed" relationship, getting all their frustrations out. Fitz admits to looking for dirt on Will, but learned the guy is great. He understands why she fell for him. However, Fitz dove through a hole in the universe Jemma reminds him. The two then share their very first kiss.

Gideon pays Dr. Garner a visit, introducing himself and apologizing for his treatment. He tells Andrew that S.H.I.E.L.D. has good intentions, but questionable methods. Gideon offers to help Andrew, but he needs something in return.

Bobbi fails to locate Andrew, and it isn't long before their cover is blown when Banks shows up. A fight breaks out, while Coulson questions Rosalind about the ATCU's hidden agenda.

After some harsh interrogating, Rosalind comes to realize that Gideon Malick is HYDRA. He not only recruited her and helped design the ATCU program, but gave her the T.A.H.I.T.I. project file on Coulson. She was genuinely in the dark regarding Gideon's secrets. Coulson allows her to contact Banks, who takes Bobbi and Hunter to their extraction point. Agent May arrives in time to pick them up.

In Von Strucker's vault, Ward encounters Gideon himself. The man admits he left his soldiers there to kill him, but is impressed with Ward's resourcefulness. He offers him a partnership and a quick history lesson. Gideon opens a safe, revealing a piece of a monolith. He informs Ward that these stones are a portal to another world. HYDRA was founded with the goal to serve their leader on the other side. However, only S.H.I.E.L.D. has ever managed to bring someone back. They need to find out how.

At S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, Rosalind shares everything she knows about Gideon. Simmons makes the connection between the man, NASA and HYDRA. Coulson and his team see the unmistakable HYDRA logo's evolution and are dumbstruck with terror.

In the closing moments Ward visits Dr. Garner, and fills his pod with a toxin forcing Andrew to transform.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Fitz: Do you love him?
Simmons: I don't know. I think... yes.
Fitz: Yeah, of course you do. He's strong and smart. And you gave each other hope on the edge of nowhere.
Simmons: Don't do this Fitz.
Fitz: You think I didn't look for dirt on him? I did, and there's nothing. I can't hate him, he's great. Why else would you fall for him? He did everything right.
Simmons: And you dove through a hole in the universe for me.

Gideon: The Von Strucker family vault does not exist.
Ward: Truthfully I'd believe you, if you hadn't sacrificed the only heir to it. You control the vault now, right? The vault is said to have HYDRA's greatest power. Why don't you and I put it to good use?