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Malick's youth is explored in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 16, as we flashback to a simpler time with the previous head of Hydra and his father's death. 

Malick and his brother struggle to find their path in the world of Hydra after it's revealed that their father was not the man they thought he was. Their family had searched for a way to bring back the Ancient Inhuman, it had been passed down for centuries, but Hydra no longer actively pursued that goal. They were more concerned with current events. 

In the present day, Malick copes with the vision that he saw: a vision that ended with Hive killing him, destroying every cell in his body. With this threat, paired with his betrayal of his brother in the flashbacks, a brother who Hive inhabited, culminating in Malick's worst fear: except the vision was wrong.

Instead of his death, it was his daughter's.

Meanwhile, the team starts searching for ways to learn more about Hive, playing catch up after Hydra has had weeks to gather knowledge and prep their attack. This leads Daisy and Lincoln to someone that always wanted to be Inhuman, but was kicked out of Afterlife by Daisy's mother when he was caught breaking into her records to learn more about an Ancient Inhuman that he had a vision of coming back to Earth. 

This man also reveals a dark side of Lincoln.

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