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Yo-Yo and her team are running out of power on the quinjet. They're afraid to land and refuel, so decide to turn off the cloaking device to save power.

Madame Hydra declares martial law. Simmons tells Daisy about Aida's plan to build herself a human body. Daisy tells Simmons about the back door but warns her they might not have enough time to rescue Fitz.

Mack and Hope are leaving, but Daisy convinces Mack to stay and see out the mission. May demands proof when Coulson tries to tell her about the Framework.

Fitz visits Radcliffe and proposes using the Looking Glass machine to transfer Radcliffe's consciousness into a new body. He convinces Radcliffe to tell him about Daisy's escape plan. 

Simmons tells May about the real world. May reveals that Alistair Fitz is alive in the Framework. Simmons asks her to access his Hydra personnel file so she can track him down. 

Simmons pulls a gun on Alistair and accuses him of poisoning Fitz's mind. She warns him that the Looking Machine will kill everyone unless she is able to speak to Fitz alone. Alistair calls Fitz and warns him that the fugitive is there.

Simmons shoots Alistair and gets away. Fitz vows to put a bullet in Simmons' skull. Madame Hydra demands that Fitz terminate his revenge mission, but Fitz refuses to obey.

Daisy, Simmons, Coulson, May and Mack arrive at the location of Radcliffe's back door, which is a pool of molten lava in an abandoned factory. The team worries that Aida has sealed off their only exit. Mack learns about the existence of the other world.

Madame Hydra has her team proceed with making her a new body with the Looking Glass machine. Mack is furious that the team lied to him about the mission and took him away from Hope. Both Mack and May refuses to believe that a door to another world exists. 

Hydra show up and attack the team. Daisy uses her powers to reveal the back door beneath the lava. Coulson is shot by Hydra agents and jumps through the back door to save himself. He wakes up in the real world, followed by May. 

Just as Simmons is about to jump through the back door, she is cornered by Fitz. Simmons tries to convince Fitz to wake up and remember who he really is. Just as Fitz is about to shoot her, Radcliffe grabs Fitz and pushes him through the backdoor. 

Simmons leaps through the back door and wakes up on the quinjet as it is being shot out of the sky. Daisy tells Mack that Hope isn't alive in the real world. Mack doesn't want to leave, even if the Framework isn't real. Daisy goes through the backdoor without him. 

Fitz is horrified by his actions in the Framework. Aida wakes up in her new body, grabs Fitz and disappears. 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

What if I told you this whole world wasn't real?

Coulson [to May]

My days of following blindly are over. If there's any truth to what you're saying, you'll have to show, not tell.

May [to Coulson]