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Daisy is determined to rescue Simmons from the clutches of Kasius, despite Deke's repeated warnings against rash action. To help her, Yo-Yo steals the Kree tablet from Grill's office and gives it to her.

Grill, however, is suspicious of his new indentured servants and orders one of his henchmen to follow them out on a salvage mission. He catches them with a radio they found.

They incapacitate him and discover a radio transmission coming from the ruined surface of the Earth, where no one should be able to survive.

When they return, Yo-Yo frames the man for having a gun, and he is thrown onto the surface and promptly eaten by Roaches.

Simmons, meanwhile, is tasked by Kasius to assist Abby, a young Inhuman struggling with her powers. Though Simmons is successful, Abby is sold by Kasius to a wealthy noblewoman after defeating her champion.

Kasius informs Simmons that he was able to get such a good price thanks to Simmons's help.

Daisy attempts to execute her rescue operation, but she quickly runs into trouble before being gassed and overcome, having been betrayed to Kasius by Deke.

Kasius is fascinated to have "Quake, Destroyer of Worlds" in his grasp.

In the stinger, Team Coulson cleans up the radio signal and realizes that someone on Earth knew that they were coming.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Daisy: How could I split the world apart? My powers aren’t that strong! I am not that strong.
Deke: Maybe not yet, but you will be.
Daisy: And how do you know that?
Deke: Because Planet Earth went from smooth to chunky, and Quake is the one who did it!
Daisy: And you don’t think I’d *remember* that?
Deke: Well, actually not, according to the multiverse theory…

Coulson: I’m thinking I may have been wrong to trust Grill!
Yo-Yo: This is what you call an understatement, no?