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In a surreal opening, a bald man goes through various steps of getting ready for his day, including swimming, removing his skin to take a show, and getting dressed before leading the kidnapping of Coulson and the rest of the team, save Fitz, from the diner.

The team awakens in a strange room with a familiar obelisk, only this one is white. It quickly consumes them.

Coulson finds himself on a space station and quickly encounteres a man named Virgil, who oddly knows his name and seems to have been expecting him. Mack, appearing, knocks Virgil unconscious.

The space station is very dilapidated and old, and there are a lot of corpses, courtesy of aliens called "roaches."

Coulson and Mack find Simmons and Yo-Yo. Virgil wakes up and tells them that they're here to save humanity, but then a roach appears and kills him. The team runs and is only saved by the timely appearance of Daisy.

May meets a man called Zeke, who gives her a device called a "metric."

As Coulson and the team hunt for May, they are captured by some Kree. Coulson, Daisy, and Simmons are rescued by May and Zeke. They then split up: Coulson stays to interrogate Zeke, Daisy goes to save Mack and Yo-Yo, and Simmons and May go to find a space ship to hopefully get a message to Fitz back on Earth.

Unfortunately, they all come to the same realization: they're already on Earth, or what's left of it. The obelisk didn't transport them through space, after all, but time.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Mack: What’s going on?!
Coulson [gestures at an unconscious Virgil]: I was about to find out!
Mack: Oh, my bad! I see a dirty-looking dude hovering over you with a crazy-looking gun, I acted on impulse!

Virgil: You’re here. Agent Coulson of SHIELD. You’ve come to save us!
Coulson: Just to clarify, where is “here,” who is “us,” and from what?!