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On this week's episode of Alcatraz...


Kit Nelson is sent to Alcatraz for the murder of his 11 year old brother. He claims it was scarlet fever that killed the boy, but he finally admits to the warden that he did kill him.


Kit Nelson kidnaps a young boy, aged 11.

Diego Soto recognizes Nelson because of a chrysanthemum that he left at the boy's house.

Emerson Hauser calls off the Amber alert, fearing that someone will recognize that Kit isn't from this time, as well as hoping that Kit would return to the boy's home after 3 days.

Diego accidentally runs into Kit, but loses him. He and Rebecca Madsen come to a second stand off with Kit. Emerson shoots Kit in the head and saves the boy.

Emerson takes Kit to his new prison and the doctor that is to work on him is the same doctor from Alcatraz.

Diego checks in on the boy and admits that he was once taken when he was 11 but managed to escape and grow from his experience even though it scared him for a long time.

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