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Billy has been named division coach of the year and Spencer has been named division player of the year. 

Coop is hell-bent on getting revenge for Shawn and Patience is angry. 

Spencer feels guilty celebrating his award when everyone is grieving Shawn. His mom tells him that Shawn made his own choices, but Spencer remembers his older brother, who also died, pushing him into that life. 

Patience calls Spencer worried about Coop. She wants him to talk some sense into her. 

Olivia makes Jordan realize that it might have been Ripley who turned him in. 

Spencer bails on his interview and the scrimmage to go home for Coop. Spencer tried to stop Shawn from getting revenge for his brother, and now he's determined to stop Coop from making the same mistake. 

Tyronne tries to give Coop Shawn's old job, but she turns it down.

Jordan passes his drug test and accuses his girlfriend of telling the Malibu coach. She denies it. 

Spencer accepts his award and gives a speech about those who died and didn't have the chance to get where he is. 

Billy tells Spencer that he and his father were up for the same coaching job, but so were 50 other candidates. He says he didn't steal that job from his father, he earned it. 

Tyronne tells Spencer that Shawn knew he would be great. He told everyone to leave him alone because he would make Crenshaw proud. 

Asher tries to get Layla back, but she tells him she's with Spencer. 

Billy lies to Olivia and says he didn't have anything to do with Jordan passing his drug test. 

Coop tells Tyronne she wants in. She has to prove her strength first in a fight. 

All American
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All American Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Coop: He always says the same thing.
Patience: Well maybe if kids stop dying then he'll change his material. I don't want him reading your name.
Coop: I'll be all right.
Patience: No, not if you keep talking all that the revenge stuff.

Spencer: It just don't feel right, celebrating right now, with everybody here in pain.
Grace: You don't have to feel guilty about accomplishing something great. You earned this Spencer. You chose your own path and it's paying off. Shawn Scott chose a different path.