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Jordan gets cleared to pay. Jordan tells Spencer to fix things with Coop. But Montes is starting JJ for the next playoff game. Patience is organizing a Friendsgiving event. Coop and Spencer make small talk. Simone is having trouble getting into a college she likes. Asher blows up at Montes because she hasn't introduced him to her husband, defensive coordinator at his favorite school. Billy and Laura got their invitation to Jordan and Simone's wedding and they aren't happy. Friendsgiving will be held at Layla's house. Olivia doesn't want to go but Simone pushes her to. Dillon is trying to get in between Grace and Carter. Preach is unhappy with Mo because she never told him that he had a 10-year-old daughter. Friendsgiving is an uncomfortable affair with the tension among the various attendees. Jordan informs Spencer he's not starting. Jordan, Simone, Spencer, and Olivia decide to visit Simone's aunt's HBCU campus in Atlanta. Billy and Laura debate how to handle the wedding. Carrie keeps nosing in to conversations. Spencer and Coop make up. Layla tells Spencer she needs time before they can be friends again. J.J. and Asher are playing badly in the first half. Dillon intrudes on Grace's evening with Carter and Carter graciously leaves. Montes gives Asher a pep talk at halftime. Jordan does the same for J.J. Spencer and Olivia resolve to stay out of other people's business. Asher gets an interception in a tied game. J.J. runs in for the winning touchdown. Asher thanks Montes for her help and she introduces him to her husband. Carrie prevents Olivia from visiting Layla. Grace tries to talk with Dillon. Laura tells Jordan that they will go to the wedding. Coop drops by the James residence to bring plane tickets to Vegas for Spencer. Montes won't start Jordan in the finals. 

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All American Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

I already lost football this year. I'm not losing my wife too.


Y'all can keep doing whatever this is.

Patience [to Spencer and Coop]