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Billy is going to tell the players he's leaving South Crenshaw for GAU at the combine. Spencer tells Coop about what Olivia told him about wanting to get back together. Jaymee informs Asher that she's pregnant right just before he leaves for the combine. Amina surprises Preach. Spencer decides to help out at the combine to avoid Liv, despite the fact that Billy will be there. Asher asks Billy for advice about Jaymee. Mrs. Moore, Amina's grandmother, is moving her to Baltimore. Jordan tells Spencer he's making everything overly complicated, with Liv and Billy. Layla tries to give the Keating Records name back to Clay but he's not interested. After Montes says how much she loves coaching at Beverly, Billy starts to have doubts about GAU. Coop tricks Mrs. Moore into meeting with her in hopes of her seeing the new Coop. Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men wants Layla to produce his song. Mrs. Moore hears Preach laying some truth on a couple of students. Billy informs his team that he's staying at South Crenshaw. Billy tells Jordan that he knows about him and Layla. Spencer goes to see Olivia but she isn't home. Mrs. Moore proposes a shared-custody agreement with Preach, with Amina living with him full time. After Billy and Asher talk after coaching and fatherhood, the bus carrying them blows a tire and crashes. Olivia's article has been nominated for an award. Olivia hears about the crash and calls Laura.Spencer shows up to talk with Olivia but doesn't know about the crash. Billy calls Laura to let her know he's OK. Jabari is missing and is likely unconscious on the bus. Spencer listens to Billy's emotional voicemail calling Spencer his son. Billy goes back to rescue Jabari and the bus falls over the edge, killing him. 

All American
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All American Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

If the name meant so much to you, you should have left it to somebody that shares that name.

to JP}

If you are going to avoid [Olivia], you'd better have a good reason.

Coop [to Spencer]