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A year and three months has passed. Now that the ban is over, Spencer is getting more media attention because he's eligible for the NFL draft. The reporter barely gives Jordan any time.

Jaymee is starting a new job while Asher adjusts to taking care of their son, AJ, more.

Jordan is bitter about all the attention Spencer is getting. Coach Kenny puts more pressure on Spencer by telling him how he matured and that football needs to be the priority.

Spencer annoys Layla, Coop, and Patience by being bossy and having them prepare the house for Olivia's welcome home party. Layla is nervous about her lounge opening the next night.

On the news, there's a report that Miko was released from prison and that the defense plans to assassinate Patience's character, who looks shaken.

Laura returns home and reassures Coop that she contacted the DA to get more info on Miko's case. Spencer invites her to accompany him in picking up Olivia, who worries Coop.

Coop wonders why he's afraid to be alone with Olivia and counters why she hasn't told Patience how she feels about her.

Coach Montes gave Asher a football ring and promoted him. They shared a sweet moment before the daycare called, saying that AJ was sick.

Patience feels like Coop and Layla are hovering, and it's time to move on.

Spencer reads a letter from Olivia, and through a flashback, we learn that Olivia decided to stay in London a year ago to continue finding herself.

Things are stressful between Jordan and Spencer, but the president of GAU is happy to see them. He mentions the Boosters are happy with the season, but Spencer only feels more stressed.

Jordan tries to comfort him, telling him the entire team has him and he's not alone. They seem more like brothers as Jordan listens and gives relationship advice, telling Spencer to figure out what he wants with Olivia and football.

Asher had to take his baby to a coach's meeting since AJ was sick and he had no sitter. They all gave him advice, and Coach Montes even offered to watch AJ while Asher took an important exam.

Layla hears someone breaking in. It's Olivia returning, so she drops the bat, and they hug. Olivia didn't want to miss her big night, and she wanted to surprise Spencer. Olivia is also nervous about seeing Spencer.

Jordan is so excited to see Olivia, and she's excited that his life is going well.

Spencer is shocked to see Olivia, but before they can catch up, Ryan interrupts, saying Layla and Patience need her. Jordan admits he could be right, as Layla seemed nervous that day.

When Layla takes the stage, she's excited, but when Patience does, she freezes and thinks she saw Miko. She runs off the stage in a panic. Ryan is more interested in saving the night, so Coop runs on stage and starts singing Patience's songs.

She gets the crowd going, saves the day, and makes everyone look so proud.  Patience freaks out backstage and asks Olivia to take her home, while Layla breaks down to Jordan, blaming herself.

Spencer meets Olivia at home, and they talk about how the year apart changed them, but they still love each other and want to try again.

Everyone shows up at the Bakers for a sleepover. Patience goes to find Layla and tells her that she doesn't blame her and to come home.

Olivia doesn't seem happy to be home.





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All American Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Parenthood looks great on you. I bet that ring would, too.

Coach Montes

Spencer: Why are you avoiding telling Patience you want her back?
Coop: When would I have had time to do that, Spence? When I found her bleeding out on the floor or the way in the ambulance or the six months she spent in New York rehabbing?
Spencer: How about now?