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Part One

Ignoring the urging of Dr. Hilliard, Ryan angrily demands to know what Kendall is doing with his son. Back at Pine Valley Hospital, an anxious Zach waits for word on baby Ian. Jamie explains to his dad why he'd like to go to Africa to help Jake work with AIDS patients.

Part Two

Ryan informs a stunned Kendall that her infant son has suffered a brain hemorrhage and is undergoing delicate neurosurgery even as they speak. After Kendall hurries off, Ryan icily warns Hilliard that he will never let him lay a finger on Spike again. At Fusion, Ava's latest look appalls Babe, who promptly rips up the model's contract with her sleazy new agent.

Part Three

Tad admits to Jamie why he'd prefer to have him closer to home. Kendall returns to the hospital and sheepishly apologizes to her irate husband. Over Ava's sputtered objections, Babe reads Andy the riot act before sending him packing. Though Jamie readily consents to stay in town, Tad realizes he can't deny his son the chance to work on such an important project. Later, Tad and Jamie share an emotional farewell.


Babe cajoles Amanda (Chrishell Strause) into agreeing to act as Ava's mentor. Ryan grows concerned when he discovers that Annie's cell phone service has been disconnected. Until next time...

All My Children
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