"January 14, 2009"

Dr. Sinclair brings Aidan in to see Annie, who asks him to tell the doctor his real name: Ryan. Annie then warns him that Greenlee is c...

"January 9, 2009"

Emma explains she'd like Greenlee to help out at school. Ryan asks if she'd like Greenlee to be more than a friend. He explains he and ...

"August 18, 2009"

Madison orders Jesse to close the investigation into her husband's death.She wants this so she can get the insurance money. Grabbing her arm, he points out...

"June 1, 2009"

Colby hears Jake and Liza discussing that he was supposed to be her father, not Adam. She runs back to the mansion. There, she is disgu...

"November 5, 2009"

Jesse watches David announce he's resigning as Chief of Staff of Pine Valley Hospital. Jesse guesses that Angie blackmailed David to replace him. She doesn...

"August 21, 2009"

Natalia argues with Frankie and Randi about keeping the baby she found. She insists that the parents need to be reunited with their son. When Madison ...

"August 25, 2009"

Zach lectures Kendall about slipping out of her room. Kendall rages about Liza. She then turns on the charm and kisses him on his bruised cheek. Zach pulls...

"May 20, 2009"

Angie advises Tad that the bullet was removed from his brain. Tad starts telling lightbulb jokes. Scott shows Colby a bag he just found...

"August 17, 2009"

Adam boasts about Chandler Enterprises turning a profit. JR asks if he's going to have Annie sign a pre nuptial agreement. Erica surprises Zach and is curi...

"October 27, 2009"

Trent offers a toast on behalf of JR and Marissa. JR sits in with a cancer support group and listens to Trent talk about his marriage with Cynthia. He admi...

All My Children Quotes

Erica Kane: This Trey Shepherd is as cold and as ruthless as they come.
Greenlee Smythe Lavery: It's about time someone's got in his way.
Erica Kane: Made him pay for all the damage he's done.
Greenlee Smythe Lavery: A nice long stretch behind bars.
Erica: No time off for good behavior.
Greenlee Smythe Lavery: And a bunkmate, named Bubba, who wants to be his special friend.

Kendall Hart Cambias: No way. A kiss on the boo-boo and that makes it all better? How the hell could she be so patronizing?
Ryan Lavery: This is not the time...
Kendall Hart Cambias: No, no, really, how can she do this to Bianca? After this pretty little show. She'll have her prefect baby, her perfect marriage, and her perfect life, and what the hell will Bianca have?
Bianca Montgomery: Kendall, it's all right.
Kendall Hart Cambias: No, Bianca, it really isn't all right. She's not doing this to ease your pain. She's doing this to cover her own pathetic guilt. Isn't that right, Babe? Isn't that what you're doing?
Arabella 'Babe' Carey Cramer Chandler: No.
Kendall Hart Cambias: Oh, really, no? ok, well you know what, you don't deserve a happily ever after, Babe, and after everything you've done, you will never, ever get it. Your fairy tale will crash and burn, and you'll deserve everything you get.
Bianca Montgomery: Kendall, don't.
Kendall Hart Cambias: And when the sky falls, you'll remember this day and exactly what I said.
Myrtle Lum Fargate: Time to hide those spinning wheels.
Kendall Hart Cambias: This had to be said, Bianca. You cannot believe a word out of that girl's mouth.
Bianca Montgomery: She's my friend!
Kendall Hart Cambias: She's a user. She doesn't care who she guts on the way. She's only out for herself. Isn't that right Babe?