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As All My Children yet returns for another week, Derek and everyone else begins the search for Greenlee. JR drinks at The Comeback and is caught by Amanda. Babe (Amanda Baker) tries to get Richie to finally tell her the truth about his health. Ryan tells Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) that he let Aidan (Aiden Turner) get away with Greenlee and can't tell if he did the right thing or not.

Jack and Erica argue about Kendall and Greenlee and who really is at fault. 

When Babe finds out how sick Richie is, she shows him some compassion and offers her support. Greenlee dresses like a man to disguise herself as a biker but someone comes in as she's about to head out.

When Amanda learns the truth about JR and Babe, she dumps his drink on him and walks out. Ryan (Cameron Mathison) tells Annie that he let Greenlee go because he believes her over Kendall.

  • Julia tries to convince Greenlee not to go on the run.
  • Kendall notices tension between Erica and Joe and wants to know what her mother has done.
  • Erica (Susan Lucci) admits to her plan to have Greenlee committed, which upsets Kendall.
  • Jack tries to get Derek to list Greenlee as a missing person but he has to search for her as fugitive considered dangerous.
  • Zach sends Josh and Hannah on a mission to track Greenlee down.
  • Aidan and Greenlee (Sabine Singh) head out on the run.
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