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As Rebecca remains on life support, David lectures Angie about going against a patient's DNR and warns she'll have to face the ethics committee. When she challenges him, David gets Joe involved.

Joe orders Angie to tell the family and shut off the machines today.

When Angie tells Natalia what she must do, Natalia accuses her of wanting Rebecca dead.

Randi tells Frankie about how her mother died a painful death from cancer when she was only seven and compares her thoughts with what Natalia's going through.

The morning after the storm, Bianca and Ryan wonder where Zach and Reese are. At the cabin Zach and Reese both admit they slept well.

Zach apologizes to her for confiding in her about Kendall's condition.

Zach calls Bianca to let her know what happened and when they arrive, Bianca senses that Reese is keeping something from her.

Unaware it's a trick, Tad gets a call from Saad Pertiwi in the Congo and learns that both Jamie and Jeff are missing.

He decides he's got to get to Africa and though Krystal panics about him leaving, he assures her that she'll be fine.

Once he leaves, Krystal has trouble breathing and calls David about having an anxiety attack. Her hurries to her place and obliges when she asks about having some more warm milk.

Aidan advises Greenlee that he's going to move to D.C. to take a job there. Seeing Ryan, a sedated Annie calls him "daddy."

Hearing she's being transferred to Oak Haven, he tries to assure her that she'll be fine. Things get uncomfortable when Greenlee brings Emma back and the girl rushes to Annie and calls her "mommy."

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