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David exits after JR asks Krystal why she'd hang around with that "slime ball." Krystal defends her friendship with David.

When she mentions Babe, JR urges her to walk away and tell Tad, vowing to tell him if she doesn't.

Aidan promises Annie that he is never going to leave her and gets reassurances from the doctor he bribed that no one will know why he's a "patient" at Oak Haven.

Natalia tells her mother that it was Angie who saved her life.

Nervous, Angie suggests that everyone is going to have a pleasant Christmas now. Hearing what happened, David threatens to have Angie's medical license taken from her but she reacts with a vicious threat of her own.

Amazed by all that has happened, Rebecca decides to fight to beat her cancer. When a nurse hears about a coma patient waking, she calls Zach who rushes with Bianca to Kendall's room.

The nurse explains her mistake and, as Zach realizes the somber truth, he announces that he'll have her fired and make sure she never works in another hospital again.

Later, he orders David to create a miracle by bringing Kendall back to him. Reese is shocked to find her father at the door.

Inviting himself in to see his granddaughter, he suggests she looks like her but Reese explains that Bianca carried Gabrielle.

Hearing it was Bianca who told him about their engagement, Reese points out how much it hurt her when he and her mother rejected her after she "came out."

When he refuses to include Bianca in their New Year's plans, she kicks him out. Later, Reese lashes out at Bianca for contacting her father. When Jake compares Amanda to a hooker at ConFusion, JR punches him.

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