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Taylor's pleas bring Brot back to her. She gets him to talk about the pain he suffered but says it was her love for him that helped him get through it all.

When she reaches for him, he pulls back.

Bianca urges Reese to try to bring her parents back into her life but she refuses and insists that Bianca accept her decision, ordering her to stay away from her father.

Unwilling, Bianca pays him a visit and introduces herself, offering to get to know him and his wife.

He explains that it will never happen because of their beliefs and leaks that Reese broke his heart by breaking her engagement with an architect named Simon.

Admitting it happened two weeks before the wedding, he complains that it was Reese who hurt them and sent her mother to therapy to deal with the pain.

Later, Bianca confronts Reese about her engagement and forces Reese to admit she slept with Simon.

Her lover assures her she didn't know what love was until she met Bianca.

Natalia questions Randi why she and Frankie aren't sharing a bedroom. Randi confides her fear that Frankie may end things if they don't have sex.

Encouraged by Natalia, Randi surprises Frankie by taking him to bed. After leaving Ryan, Greenlee finds Jake nursing his sore jaw at the bar at ConFusion.

The two commiserate over drinks about relationships with Taylor and Ryan. Later, a tipsy Jake urges Ryan to go be with Greenlee.

Thanking him for punching Jake, Amanda tries to convince him to have a drink but JR won't. However, after he compliments her, Amanda interrupts him before he can take a sip of the wine she left.

Ryan arrives and spots Greenlee but decides he's got to leave.

What happens next? Find out in our All My Children spoilers!

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