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After he overhears Jake trying to convince Capt. Hendrickson that they didn't treat Brot, David interrupts and corrects the doctor, offering to give the captain any information he wants. David calls Joe about Jake's slipup.

Realizing he won't, David threatens to go over his head if he doesn't resign as Chief of Staff and give him the position.

Brot offers to help Taylor leave when Frankie okays her release from the hospital. As they help her settle in at a new apartment, Brot assures Frankie that he is leaving town.

Brot advises Taylor that they can't go back to what they once had in their relationship. Later, Jake warns the two about the officer who is snooping for information about Brot.

He urges Brot to leave now but as he does so, Captain Hendrickson arrives. Emma complains to Greenlee when she realizes that Ryan missed her school play performance.

Insisting that her father lives down the hall, Annie sees Ryan as a stranger and tells him to get out. Later, Aidan slips in to warn Annie that Ryan is dangerous.

Someone continues to watch Annie via a hidden camera. After a call from Bianca, Ryan stops by to sit with Kendall and when she suddenly twitches, he guesses that she is coming out of her coma and tells an excited Zach.

David insists it was an involuntary muscle spasm so Zach orders Ryan to stay away from Kendall. Hinting that they have the evening all to themselves, Reese embraces Bianca who pulls back.

She explains that she can't forget about Reese's secret engagement with a man and asks if she's bisexual.

Reese denies it and insists she only wants to be with Bianca.

But when her partner asks for some answers, Reese describes her first time having sex which leads to Bianca's own confession about Sarah, her "first" who left her for a man.

Greenlee asks Jack to handle her divorce. He encourages her to be with Ryan if he makes her happy.

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