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Upset that Myrtle died, Reese apologizes to Bianca for not telling her about Kendall. They then find a package from Myrtle.

As Zach reminisces about Myrtle, he receives a package from her. He hurries to the hospital and sits next to Kendall.

Mentioning their friend's death, Zach finds an album of memories she compiled for him. He remarks that her last message to him was to "be patient."

As he leaves Kendall's room, David presses Zach to tell everyone that Kendall is going to die. Instead, Zach claims he has hope and just needs to be patient.

Opal finds a huge box at her door too and pulls out to show Pete the crystal ball "Myrt" used in her carny days.

Staring into the glass, Opal remembers Myrtle facing off with Phoebe about her refusal to help foil Linc and Kitty's relationship.

When Jack accompanies Erica to the Boutique, she is surprised to find her own package waiting but can't open it.

Bianca arrives with her package and shows the carousel music box that looks like the one Myrtle gave her at Miranda's christening.

She confides how Myrtle helped them reconcile years ago when Bianca came out of the closet. Erica finally opens her box and finds inside the dress from the awards dinner.

Bringing flowers, Jesse, Angie and Frankie stop by Myrtle's boarding house to offer their condolences.

Jesse and Angie remember how Myrtle "took on" Les Baxter.

Amanda and then Greenlee and Ryan join them and share stories about how Myrtle helped them.

When Kelly Tyler arrives, Angie introduces her to everyone. Later, Bianca sings at the memorial service at the casino in the Fargate Carnival Room.

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