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Frankie confides to Jake that Taylor's fiance Brot is alive and in Pine Valley. Stunned, the doctor urges him to tell Taylor which he does.

Brot finds Colby and asks for her help getting out of Pine Valley. She insists that he go tell Taylor because she knows he loves her.

Jake confronts the war veteran and argues that he owes it to Taylor to go see her. Instead, Brot tells him that Taylor is all his but as they argue, Taylor arrives.

Amanda urges Greenlee to start running Fusion again.

Greenlee assures her she never stopped but Bianca interrupts and reminds them both that Greenlee still reports to Erica.

Though Angie offers her advice on how to get her life back on track, Krystal admits that she fears David. Later, David urges her to follow her dreams and admits that he dreams about her all the time.

As she tries to walk away, he grabs her and claims that there is a bond that ties them together. She reminds him about Tad but he kisses her and she responds. Angie catches them kissing.

As Reese watches, Zach is overwhelmed when he receives a special package from Kendall, an autographed team jersey from the Detroit Redwings, and he talks about how thoughtful she always was.

Reese calls him the "keystone" for the family but he wonders how he can tell his kids that their mother is not coming home.

Bianca tries to comfort Reese who is devastated by the loss Zach feels but Reese reveals the doctor doesn't think Kendall will ever wake up.

Though Aidan insists he was acting as a "double agent," Ryan wonders aloud if he was actually trying to hurt him. He pays Annie a visit to find out if anyone helped her kidnap Emma.

Staring at the window, she nods her head and claims that Richie helped her. Greenlee urges Ryan to tell Emma that Annie won't be back.

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