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Joe advises Jake that Tad has been reported missing in Africa. Krystal finds David in bed next to her and decides she must go home to the girls.

Instead, he successfully talks her into hopping back into bed with him. JR warns Jake that David is worming his way back into Krystal's life and learns that David blackmailed Joe.

After Joe's call, Krystal hurries to the hospital where she learns Tad's missing. Krystal suffers another anxiety attack.

David dedicates the Babe Chandler Cardiac memorial wing in Babe's memory. Jake uses the moment to make reveal to everyone that David blackmailed Joe.

Explaining "what really happened," David then removes Jake from the hospital staff. Seeing JR about to sip some champagne, Amanda stops him and he responds by kissing her.

After Emma admits she likes having Greenlee around, Ryan invites her to ring in the New Year with him at the penthouse. Caught off-guard when he proposes marriage, Greenlee tells him she can't marry him.

Deciding they want to renew their vows, Reese and Bianca accept Zach's offer to hold the ceremony at the casino when it opens again.

Later, Bianca's taken aback to find Reese's ex-fiance Simon Marshall at the door. Meanwhile, Reese and Zach are together to welcome in the New Year and do so with some champagne and a kiss.

Admitting the charges have now been dropped, Brot asks Zach how he can repay him. Zach tells him the story of how he tried to disappear ate the age of 18 and become someone else.

Taylor's upset when Brot takes a pass on spending time together so that he can take her to her rehabilitation. Realizing Brot may leave once she's walking, Taylor pretends to fall.

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