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As Taylor presses him about the love they shared, heartbroken Jake listens from nearby. When Brot is wheeled out for x-rays, Taylor grabs his street clothes.

He is amazed to find the engagement ring he claimed he never bought for her. As they help Emma decorate the place for Christmas, Ryan and Greenlee fight the feelings they have for each other until she decides to leave.

Ryan tells Jack that because of all that has happened, he and Greenlee can never be together. Meanwhile, Jake and Greenlee compare stories about lost loves and failed relationships.

As Annie starts to strangle Aidan, she vows that Greenlee will never have Ryan. Jesse has Aidan taken away.

Later, Annie dreams that Greenlee is dead. Aidan denies to Jesse that there is anything going on and agrees to take a lie detector test.

The test proves Aidan's claim that he worked with Annie only to find Emma. Running into Greenlee, Aidan asks her to tell Ryan that he's been telling the truth about his relationship with Annie and is amused to hear that she and Ryan are no longer involved.

Having drugged her tea, David comforts Krystal and gets her to question being married to Tad and her feelings for Adam.

Amanda is suspicious when she finds them together but he orders her to go work on JR as promised.

Krystal then decides that it's time for her to leave. Later, Tad finds her at the mausoleum where she decides not to tell him about her time with David.

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