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Angie okays mixing ornaments from Jesse's "other family" with those from his life with her and Frankie. Natalia shows a boxful of goodies.

Jesse tells a story or two about some of them.

Rebecca confides to Angie that she thinks her daughter brought out the ornaments because Rebecca won't live to see another Christmas.

Angie's disappointed when Cass calls to report that she won't make it home for the holidays.

When Rebecca collapses, Jesse and Natalia plead with Angie to resuscitate her in spite of her DNR order.

Taylor pushes Brot to confess that he still loves her but he can't say anything and walks out. Stuck in an elevator together, Brot boasts that he wants nothing more than to get out of the hospital and Pine Valley.

Calling him Taylor's one true love, Jake insists that he stay because of all people, she has the ability to look past his scars.

His words convince Brot to go find a relieved Taylor and ask for another chance. Meanwhile, Jake realizes that he's got to let Taylor go.

When a snowstorm suddenly hits, Reese and Zach are stuck in a cabin while searching for the perfect Christmas tree.

She gets Zach talking about the love of his life and urges him to believe in the miracle that Kendall will wake. Suddenly, Zach rushes out to try and free the car but returns frustrated.

Reese grabs his cold hands and offers to warm them for him by the fireplace. Meanwhile, when Bianca ends up stuck with Krystal and David because of the storm, she drinks the drugged hot milk David prepared for Krystal.

As she falls asleep, David continues his efforts to turn Krystal against Tad.

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